Sunday, July 23, 2017

Posted Sunday 23rd Night:

A brief Report: BB-5 has moved Westwards towards Kutch thru South Rajasthan on Sunday evening. Expected to move West and precipitate heavy showers on Southern Rajasthan, Gujarat Region ( Barring Saurashtra and Kutch) and some parts of Southern Sindh in next 24 hrs from Sunday evening. 
Saurashtra may escape the major brunt of rains, while Kutch will see isolated heavy falls on Monday. 
Rain patch may persist on Tuesday in Southern Rajasthan for a day into Wednesday.
Strength and rains intensity from BB-5 expected to decrease from Tuesday evening. 
Ahmadabad: Occasional heavy showers on Sunday night and thru Monday afternoon. Around 50-70 mms rains expected in the 24 hrs from Sunday night to Monday night. Rains decreasing from Tuesday.
Karachi will be cloudy with some showers on Monday and Tuesday. A heavy shower expected in some parts of city on Monday.
BB-6 has formed in the North Bay located currently over G. West Bengal.Heavy rainfall expected in G.West Bengal and Jharkhand on Monday.

Mumbai: Monday and Tuesday will be cloudy with sunny spells. Interrupted by few showers, and one or two may be heavy. But reduced rainfall will bring around 10-12 mms per day. Very windy with SW winds blowing at 35-40 kmph along the sea fronts.
We wait for the tracking of BB-6, and recovery of rains over Mumbai by Friday.
Kolkata: Frequent heavy showers expected on Monday and Tuesday.
Delhi NCR: No meaningful increase and pick up in rains expected this week till Thursday.

Indore: Cloudy with Occasional showers on Monday and Tuesday, around 15-25 mms per day expected.

Marathwada sees no major or meaningful increase in rainfall this week.
Yes... I have been very irregular in my postings on this at Vagaries. I appreciate and thank all those who showed concern about my absence.
.Actually i have not studied and gone thru the detailed weather since last 8 cannot give my views without seeing in depth...have been away for some time. I do see some heavy rains in North Gujarat and Southern Rajasthan on Monday, but according to me reducing on Tuesday..


Sarfaraj khan said...

Sir pls forecast for Mumbai region

Unknown said...

Kindly post something on Bhavani /Moyar river catchment region of TN forecast please. Really waiting for some good spells. Becoming worst, almost no water in 1100 feet borewells even.

Ashish Gupta said...

Welcome back sir. Eagerly awaiting your take on the break monsoon conditions expected from later this week. Thanks

vij said...

I read vagaries everyday, but there are very few updates. I usually track the lake levels and water stock regularly. I used to get more details from the Bhatsa dam project as well as from middday, but they are also very random. Could you tell me a site where I can track this daily please?

Rohit Aroskar said...

Rohit Aroskar said...

Read about Ayyappa Masagi who was born in the drought prone Gadag district ..How he suggests simple means to conserve water rather than complex , time money consuming like river linkings ..

Rohit Aroskar said...

One of his simple suggestions for household water saving is to..Wet commodes before use , to make them slippery.In this way 2 litre rather than 10-20 litres per flush is enough to rid dirt ..Put bricks inside toilet tanks to reduce the capacity of water being flushed ..

Rohit Aroskar said...

Currently Bengaluru based , he has converted 26000 hectares of dry land into wetland and rejuvenated borewells across the country ..

Rohit Aroskar said...

Bloggers are requested to share one unique relevant water conservation technique

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