Monday, July 24, 2017

Mt. Abu: 141 mms on 23rd July, 733 on 24th July and 734 mms on 25th July ..totalling to 1608 mms in 3 days  ! The annual rainfall of many a places in India, or more than the annual rainfall ! The season's total for Mt. Abu till date is 2401 mms, which shows an excess of 1860 mms !

The comments say it all...

Abu record annual rain was in 1944: 3991 mms


Mount Abu broken it's own record of all time highest rainfall !

Mount Abu records 773 mm in last 24 hours. Many stations break their all time high in Rajasthan. North Gujarat too is getting very heavy rainfall.

One hell of rains have fallen in the Desert Region of Rajasthan and the north Gujarat belt and pounding continues. Mount Abu Tehsil and Mount Abu in Rajastan has got staggering 773 mm and 733 mm with in last 24 hours. With this, Mount Abu broke its all time high rainfall of 653 mm recorded on 8th September, 1992,
Many stations in rajasthan has got nearly 50% of their annual rainfall in a day. North Gujarat too battered with Danitwada recording 342 mm rainfall, Palanpur 255 mm and Deesa 248 mm.

Rainfall in Rajasthan in mm ending 8.30 am on 24.07.2017
Mount Abu Tehsil, Sirohi dt - 773 
Mount Abu, Sirohi dt - 733 
Angore, Sirohi dt - 445
Reodar, Sirohi dt - 403 
Sirohi, Sirohi dt - 380
Pindwara, Sirohi dt - 303
Aburoad, Sirohi dt - 266
West Banas, Sirohi dt - 261
Sei Dam, Udaipur dt - 260 
Bhinmal, Jalore dt - 257 
Jawai Dam, Pali dt - 240 
Sumerpur, Pali dt - 230 
Rani, Pali dt - 187 
Sheoganj, Sirohi dt - 175
Kotra, Udaipur dt - 170 
Kotra, Udaipur dt - 167 
Mithri, Pali dt - 165 
Babalwara, Udaipur dt - 150 
 Ogna, Udaipur dt -143 
Sanchore, Jalore dt - 138 
Sayala, Jalore dt - 137 
Bali, Pali dt - 137 
Dantiwara, Pali dt - 137 
Kot, Pali dt - 135 
Somkagdar, Udaipur dt - 135 
Desuri, Pali dt - 132 
Kherwara, Udaipur dt - 132 
Kherwara, Udaipur dt - 132
Dantaband, Sirohi dt - 131
Phutiya, Pali dt - 124 
Pali, Pali dt - 122 
Kana, Pali dt - 115 
Marwarr Junction, Pali dt - 114 
Salumbar, Udaipur dt - 114 
Salumbar, Udaipur dt - 114 
Beawar, Ajmer dt - 113 
Jaisamand, Udaipur dt - 113 
Muthana, Pali dt - 112 
Beawar, Ajmer dt - 111 
Sadri, Pali dt - 110 
Pratapgarh, Pratapgarh dt - 110 
Jhadol, Udaipur dt - 105 
Jhadol, Udaipur dt - 105 
Rishabdev, Udaipur dt - 102 
Deogarh Rajsamand dt - 101 
Wana, Cheetal dt - 100

Flood water in Rajasthan -

(Rainfall data Courtesy - Vagaries Rainman/ Tamil Nadu Weatherman - PJ)

As per hinted by various global models of extreme heavy rain event likely on Guj/Raj border by sticky system.. So as per the estimates, BB-5 has dumped historic rain in Mount Abu of S.Rajasthan yesterday !!

Mount Abu Tehsil recorded massive 773 mms & Mount Abu IMD 733 mms rainfall ending 8.30am today dated 24-07-2017 in past 24hrs !!

Above Source: IMD Pune and rainfall in cms

With this Mount abu broken it's own record of 653 mms which was recorded on 8th Sep 1992 !!

Some 500 mms+ extreme event in 24 hrs period for year 2017 till today: 

Mount Abu,Rajasthan 773 mms on 24 July 2017
Cherrapunji,Meghalaya 638 mms on 17 June 2017
Chamorshi(Gadchiroli),Maharahstra 519 mms on 19 July 2017

Also there have been 12 instances of around 400 mms or more daily rainfall events this monsoon till now

North Konkan .. 3 instances (within a week) , Cherrapunji ..2 instances , Saurashtra .. 2 instances , South Gujarat .. 1 instance , Maharashtra western ghats .. 1 instance ,  Orissa .. 1 instance , Vidarbha .. 1 instance, South Rajasthan ..1 instance


Rohit Aroskar said...

Quick update Abhijit !!

Abhijit Modak said...

Thanks Rohit .Yes we at Vagaries gives the latest info as it is available to us and believes in team effort ( special thanks to you and Vagarian Shivkumar)

Abhijit Modak said...

Thanks Pradeep John (Vagaries Rainman) for detailed inputs

Rohit Aroskar said...

This reminds me of heavy rainfall event over Mumbai region of 26 July 2005 when many stations received over 700 mms and 2 stations over 1000 mms within 24 hrs

Avtansh said...

@Rohit Do you have the list of all stations from 26-27 July 2005 which got more than 400-500mm in a day?

Rohit Aroskar said...

Mount Abu more 119 mms till 11 am today

Rohit Aroskar said...

24 hrs rains around on 26 July 2005: Vihar Lake 1049 mms, Ambarnath 1010 mms ,Scz 944 mms Thane 74cms, TBI 72 cms, Bhiwandi 75 cms, Matheran 84 cms, Panvel 47 cms, Karjat 69 cms.

Cumulus arjun said...

Rohit sir can you please mention full form of of TBI?

Rohit Aroskar said...

Tulsi 601 mms , Bhandup 81 cms , Kalyan 62 cms , Mahim 49 cms

Abizer kachwala said...

Rohit ,do you have data for rainfall in Nagothane on 25-26th July,2005???I am very eager to know as I was just 4 at that time

Shri said...

WoW.!!Mt.Abu did give a tough fight to 26th July 2005 Mumbai rains.

sset said...

PJ from Kea blog already stated about Raj extreme rains yesterday - 1000mm in 72hrs and it happened! 5th time extreme rains for GUJ since july. Unusual sustained low pressure needs to be analyzed - 900mb?? More powerful than 2013 GUJ floods.

It will be incorrect to term Rajasthan as desert. RAJ/GUJ have NOT seen any droughts for last 5 years. GUJ/RAJ/MAHA suffering from horrible floods while entire southern India suffers from horrible droughts - worst than 2016 - (some -ve correlation)

Rohit mentioned about water conservation/borewells - this will work if at least if it rains - but 70% southern India is suffering from continuous droughts for multiple years then only solution is river linking and coastal areas desalination (which is expensive)

Rajesh said...

Details of the massive Mumbai rainfall also available in vagaries extreme blog.

Avtansh said...

@Rohit Awesome. Thanks!

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Abizer: Nagathone not had gauge 12 years back. so only at taluka places rain was used to measure in Tehsil offices.. So I will give you Roha reading.. As rain belt moved to south north with offshore effect so Roha-Poladpur saw heavy rain and flooding around 24 July 2005 to 26 July 2005.

Sudhagad recored 523 mms on 26 July 2005
Roha recorded 475 mms on 25th July 2005
Poladpur recorded 589 mms on 26 July 2005
Mangaon recorded 357 mms on 26 July 2005
Mahad recorded 352 mms on 26 July 2005

Rawat said...

Exceptional rains in Rajasthan.NCR starving for good rain

Unknown said...

Abhijit :Thanks for the data.

Rohit Aroskar said...

TBI : Thane Belapur Industrial Area

Rohit Aroskar said...

Vihar 2239 mms till 24 July 2017

Cumulus arjun said...

Thanks rohit sir for replying me

Rohit Aroskar said...

Sset has done a commentable job ..Even 'varsha bhagwan' has listened and given very good rainfall to Raj/ Guj ..
It's a watershed moment ..
Either he should start his own blog or he should be aptly felicitated by creating his own page on this blog ..
Bloggers please suggest some good names for the same ..

Abhijit Modak said...

Yeah correct Rohit. It's indeed catastrophic ! Mount Abu 734mm today & 773mm yesterday so total 1507mm in 48 hrs ! Got annual avg in just 2 days !!

Abhijit Modak said...

Mount Abu seasonal rainfall 2401 mms till today !! Which is above normal by +1860 mms !!

So has crossed Chennai,Kolkata annual avg in just 2 days & Delhi, Pune avg in just 1 day & now verge on crossing Mumbai annual avg also

sset said...

Rohitji -> It should have been other way round-> Will monsoon revive over southern India suffering from chronic drought or SWM is done for good over south India. Tirupathi boiling @ 41c (summer phase 2) No nature/GOD showing any mercy even over SW coast!

22nd February Japan beset by record-breaking heat wave..on World Weather News Page Meanwhile : "Substantial Snow Returning to the Paci...