Thursday, February 09, 2017

WINTER STORM NIKO ..(noon..Eastern time).. 9 Feb 2017
  • North East United states under the effect of Niko for today . Gusty winds( more than 30 mph/50 kmph)  adding to the chill factor.
  • Snow accumulation approaching one feet (12 inches)..Latest snow amounts on the ground : New York La Guardia @ 9 inch ,Newark (New Jersey) @ 6 inch
  • New York City temp drops from highs of 18 c (64 f) yesterday to -2 c currently .
  • Wind gusts approaching 43 mph (70 kmph) currently at Boston causing wind chills of -12 c (9 f) .
>> The storm will taper off from the area by today evening .
>> But the night will be extremely cold across the eastern seaboard cities of Boston / New York / Newark /Philadelphia (wind chills below -15 c / 5 f  ).

Live exclusive image of the storm from New Jersey ..It's a freezer out there..

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sset said...

Excellent snow snap -> power and colors of nature!
Nature is most beautiful entity GOD has created and gifted to man.

Which place receives highest snowfall -> Is it US,Russia,Japan or Antarctica?

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