Saturday, February 18, 2017

18th February 2017...Celebrations!! 10th Anniversary of Vagaries of Weather Group.
Had amazing Vagaries Meet today on 18 Feb,Saturday, 2017.
Celebrated 10th Anniversary of our group.
"This group is amazing coming together of people from diverse backgrounds coming together with one common passion of studying weather. We are Vagaries of Weather!!! "...Vishal Kelkar


Maharashtra Weather said...

Today Nashik recorded 34.4°C max temp. Highest max temp of the year 2017. Highest max temp recorded after 18 June 2016.
Malegaon (Nashik) recorded 37.4°C max temp today.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Had a gala time..wonderful time spent discussing weather etc..Thanks sir..Thanks to all the vagarians..Thanks to Tejas for majority of the wonderful clicks..Special thanks to Salil and Abhijit for the efforts taken for the meet..

Rohit Aroskar said...

The lunch was wonderful wid dishes such as bao ,khim chi salad,basa,caramel custard to name a few..
and the dutch truffle cake for vagaries( sweetened wid a lot of creativity by Salil) ..

Unknown said...

Happy 10th Anniversary to our Vagaries group. Wonderful time spent with all the vagarians at meet.Cake was simply amazing..hats off to our creativity salil bhai.Thanks you sir and to all vagarians to make this meet a special and unforgettable.

Maharashtra Weather said...

Agumbe (Karnataka) recorded 34.5°C max temp and 8.4°C min temp. So, temp range is 26.1°C.
Valparai (Tamilnadu) recorded max temp 30°C and min temp 5°C. So, Temp range is 25°C.

Abhijit Modak said...

Happy 10th Anniversary to our own Vagaries blog.. Thanks Rajesh Sir for bringing all weather freaks together,binding us and for giving such lovely platform for expressing our views on weather.

Today's lunch meet was amazing as nice treat with many new food items were tasted. Special Thanks to Salil for arranging it and cake was just amazing yummy, what a creativity of designing an weather theme with perfect to our forecast.. also most thanks to Rohit, for fixing an date which was feasible for most.. and thanks to Tejas for capturing wonderful memorable moments in pics/videos..

Shreyas,Abhishek & Ganesh it was very glad to meet you all for first time. Enjoyed meeting all you new guys.. Welcome to our Weather freaks Vagaries family. :)

Finally thanks to all Vagarians for making our own Vagaries blogs 10th anniversary an grand success.. Hoping for such meets periodically and more members join us!!

Abizer kachwala said...

Happy 10th anniversary of vagaries...may this success of vagaries be continued for years to come☔💧⚡

NilaY Wankawala said...

Great pictures of the meeting.The moments captured indeed conveys the high spirits of the vagaries and successful completion of 10 years.

Shreyas Dhavale said...

Really enjoyed the meet. Felt good to be a part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of Vagaries and being a part of the Vagaries Family. Thank you Rajesh Sir for bringing together people with a common interest of weather. Good photos by Salil and Tejas Sir. The cake was really awesome. We Vagarians should meet more often :)

Dattaraj said...

Congratulations to Vagaries to complete the decade of Knowledge sharing, great service to society.

Ron said...

Happy 10th Anniversary Vagarians!!Hoping to catch up next time soon.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Pune @ 35 today and Mumbai drops by 3 c as predicted by vagaries on wednesday ..

Cumulus arjun said...

Great pics by vagaries. Happy 10th anniversary to vagaries.

Salim Ramani , Jabalpur said...

Happy 10th anniversary to vagaries

Congratulations to all

Maharashtra Weather said...

Malegaon (Nashik) recorded 38.8°C max temp today. Highest max temp in India today.

Nashik max 34.6°C and Pune max 35.6°C.

Following are some highest max temp of Maharashtra.

Malegaon (Madhya Maharashtra) 38.8°C
Solapur (Madhya Maharashtra) 38.3°C
Wardha (Vidarbha) 38°C
Nagpur (Vidarbha) 37.6°C
Nanded (Marathwada) 37.5°C
Akola (Vidarbha) 37.4°C
Chandrapur (Vidarbha) 37.2°C
Parbhani (Marathwada) 37.2°C
Sangali (Madhya Maharashtra) 37.2°C
Satara (Madhya Maharashtra) 36.6°C
Jalgaon (Madhya Maharashtra) 36°C
Yeotmal (Vidarbha) 36°C

Cumulus arjun said...

Unusually cloudy now in Goregaon Mumbai. Any specific reason? Thanks

Unknown said...


Maharashtra Weather said...

Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) recorded 39.2°C max temp and 11.8°C min temp today. So, Temp range is 27.4°C.

Maharashtra Weather said...

Mahbubnagar (Telangana) recorded max temp of 40.2°C today dated 21-Feb-2017 with this country gets first 40°C temp for 2017.

Shridhara rao said...

Amazing to see that we have a weather enthusiasts group and they are having fun... I keep reading this website and I feel your insights into weather are getting better. Weather is a science that not many take to and you folks being in other fields vocationally and still contributing so much to make us understand indian monsoon and it's vagaries is amazing... Three cheers to you folks! Keep this going and let's hope we have a good monsoon this year (i am in south karnataka and last few monsoons have been pretty bad for us)
-Shridhara rao

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