Monday, January 23, 2017

Posted Monday Night:

Hottest Place in Asia on Monday 23rd was Karawar ( Karnataka, India), with the mercury shooting up to 38.4c (5c above the normal), the town's highest ever for the month of January.
Again, the second hottest place in Asia was also in Karnataka. Honavar & Mangalore saw 37.6c.

Mumbai day was hotter on Monday by about a degree over Sunday, with Scruz recording 36c ( 34.7c on Sunday) and Colaba measuring 35.7c.
Tuesday Mumbai will see a high of around 34c. Days expected to return to 31c and min around 18c levels on Wednesday and Thursday. Further drop expected on Friday.

Towns in Konkan will see day time temperatures of around 35/36c on Tuesday. A drop by 2/3c on Wednesday and Thursday.
Ahmedabad rose to 33.6c ( 32c on Sunday).

J-4 coming as expected...
Delhi NCR: Cloudy weather with rains on Wednesday (evening) and Thursday. Cold day on Thursday 26th. and Friday 27th.
Karachi will start getting cloudy, with light showers commencing Wednesday night into Thursday.Max temp of 24c expected on Wednesday.

Rain expected in Abu Dhabi and Muscat on 24th Tuesday. Cold day on Wednesday.

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Unknown said...

If it will be 1st rainy of january
Or we can say 1st spell aftr march 2016

Weather outlook till Friday 31st March - As we calculated in mid March after the Heat spell,  remaining days of March stayed below 40c in In...