Thursday, January 12, 2017


Today was the morning with lowest min temps of this winter season in Northwest India till now. 

Leh (JK) min temp @ -17 c

See the maps below

1) Many places in the North west plains and desert have recorded min temp just below freezing (0 c) or close to freezing ..Min temps are below normal by 2 to 8 c .
Press has reported of mercury dropping to -4.2 c in the plains of Rajasthan at Fatehpur (Sikar district).
Pantnagar (Uttarakhand) in the Terai region has reported a min of -0.8 c .

Gurgaon(Haryana) min temp@ 1.7 c
Lucknow (UP) min temp @1.5  c
Mt.Abu(Rajasthan) min temp @ -2 c.

2) Madhya Pradesh recorded below normal min temps by 3 to 8 c .Damoh min @ 1.5c .
Cold day conditions also prevailed with max temps below normal by 4 c to 8 c at most places (Raisen max @ 16.6 c , which is 8 c below normal)

3) Meanwhile in Gujarat / Maharashtra , below normal temperatures have been recorded, as winds blow from the north :
Mumbai (SCZ) : 29 c / 12 c ,  Mumbai ( Vagaries Club ) : 26 / 14 , Nasik : 26 / 6 , Pune : 29/ 7 ,
Aurangabad : 26 / 8 , Gondia :23 / 9 ,Amreli : 26 / 6 , Naliya : 25 / 6
Coastal Porbandar,Valsad min temp dropped to 9 c (below normal by 5 c) ..Okha maximum temp was 24 c (lowest max temp along the west coast)

3) Orissa has escaped the cold with most places reporting almost normal temperatures at this time of the year .Cuttack @ 27/16 , Phulbani @ 26 / 9 .

(Click and enlarge for better view)

( MAX/MIN temp in celcius..past 24 hrs ending 8.30 am on 12th Jan 2017 )

Jammu Kashmir state (India) in deep freeze -


NilaY Wankawala said...

That was speedy update with Map Rohit

Zohair said...

sir nay good news for karachi from coming WD i.w Fri-SAT-SUN ?

Saurabh said...

Thanks Rohit. Captures the weather very well.

Leh minimum by fell by 1 more degree to hit -17.

Surprised to see Mount Abu having a high temperature of 5. Did not know Mount Abu can record such low high temps. Is it correct or is it a case of station reporting incorrect reading?

Abhijit Modak said...

Mumbai's min temp variation from S tip to N tip today dated 12-01-2017:-

Colaba 16.5c,
11kms further north Mahalaxmi 13.6c,
11kms further north Scruz 11.9c,
11kms further north Borivali 10.7c near SGNP

So 16.5c in south to 10.7c to North in 33kms length !!

Abhijit Modak said...

Badlapur min temp 9.6°C with 90% humidity today.. Finally recorded first single digit temp of 2017 ( i. e for current winter season)

Rajesh said...

Zohair: I see cloudy weather on Friday and Saturday for Karachi. Saturday will be Very windy with winds gusts touching 45-48 kmph. Cold day on Saturday, max may not exceed 21c.Rains may just skirt the Karachi regions.

Saurabh: I am checking on the Mt.Abu day temps...seems doubtful. Asking Rohit not to publish till then the Abu day temps.

Rajesh said...

Western Disturbance J-3 coming. Over the Central regions ( Upper Sindh and Punjab) of Pakitan and Northern Pakistan on the 12th/13th. Over the Hill States of India on 14th and plains of India by 15th Jan.Rain expected in Punjab on 15th and Delhi by 15th/16th.

ameya said...

Sir what is the expected temperature range for Mumbai from 15th to 18th Jan - will Mumbai be lucky again to experience cooler max and min temperatures as experienced last 2 -3 days, temp on rise now going forward for next few days what we see

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