Friday, August 22, 2014

 Posted Friday Night: Western Mah heavy rains today . till 8.30 pm IST, 33 mms in Pune, 36 mms in Aurangabad and 41 mms in Nasik. 17 mms in Scruz and 6 mms at Colaba

Outlook for Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd August:

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd: Thunder showers with heavy falls likely on both days along the North-South stretch from North Madhya Maharastra ( Nasik region) down Southwards into Nagar, Pune , Kolhapur, Solapur and Interior Karnataka regions (Bangalore included).
Thunder showers also will be heavy in "interior" Konkan and coastal Karnataka.
Heavy falls in patches will be around 75-100 mms.

Saturday evening will see thunder showers in Marathwada also and Showers possible in Saurashtra and Surat region.

In Pakistan, Karachi area gets light rain on late Friday night/Saturday morning.Islamabad can get a few showers.

Sunday 24th: Rains decrease in the above region. Increase in rainfall in Goa.
Rains increasing in Odisha from Monday.

Mumbai: Thundery conditions and cloudy with some parts getting rain. Saturday night, Mumbai City can get heavy showers, spilling into Sunday morning. With thunder/lightning, guage can measure 35-45 mms by Sunday morning.
Very heavy rain likely in Eastern outer townships on Saturday evening.
Pune: Thunder showers on Friday, and heavier on Saturday. Possibily >35 mms on Saturday.

Kolkata: Showers likely upto 15 mms on Friday, decreasing in the weekend with sunny spells.

Delhi NCR: Only what i can write is days might touch 40c and nights 30c ! 
Parts of Delhi NCR showed the maximum at Palam was 39.3 c on Thursday. Nights could be warm at 29-30c.

Nagpur may get heavy thunder showers in the region on Friday and Saturday.


Dattaraj said...

Rajesh Sir,
It appears like BOB branch become weak since many days without any depressions. This is causing scanty rainfall in Andhra and Telangana. Any ideas when it will become active ? Or any chances of depressions in near future ?

Rajesh said...

Dattaraj: A temporary weak low can from around Odisha on Monday. Short lived.
But Telengana can get some rains ,light rains this weekend as a result of a North south LWD trough. No major changes till next few days , till next Wednesday at least next week.

Thundering in South Mumbai Friday morning. Showers in Deonar, Chembur (40 mms) and light rains in Borivali.

Vinod Desai said...

We got heavy rain this morning in malad ..between 11-1 could be easily 40-50 mm.. with thundering.

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Surprisingly there was no rain in Mumbai eastern suburb Mulund in the morning

sset said...

It seems Aug 2014 is similar to Aug 2013 - Mumbai had welcome relief from torrential rains, aug 2013 Karela had similar rains - same is now. vagaries of 31-aug-2013 (see vagaries links) made all forecasts for monsoon withdrawal but sept 2013 - monsoon took U-turn again became vigorous over entire MAHA,GUJ,RAJ - GUJ (extreme sept 2013 rains - vagaries links) - entire NE monsoon failed because of extended 2013 SW monsoon rains - will such pattern repeat?

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