Saturday, September 08, 2012

Saturday Evening: Actually its quite confusing. Several charts show the UAC prevailing over the South Saurashtra region at 700 hpa. In fact, the NMCC chart shows it as a strong system.

Certain charts show the UAC as merged with BB6.

My take is: BB6 now lies over South Rajasthan and adjoining Kutch at 1000 mb. 
The UAC also prevails over the Arabian Sea Kutch/Sindh coastline. that too moderately strong.(Was expecting it to weaken ,but is quite stubborn).

Our (forecasted)Sunday UAC is getting organised in the Bay and is in the nascent stage.
Flash (6.40pm): BB6 has tracked due west last 1 hr. Good precipitation (Thunderstorms) for Lower Sindh and KHI soon.


Arpit Sharma said...

Yesterday a sharp shower lashed Ghaziabad at around 7pm which lasted for 10 minutes only.And very light rain here in morning.

Vivek said...

Rain here in Gurgaon very early morning also.

Rajesh sir: are we still looking at more rain tomorrow in Delhi/NCR?


GSB said...


I agree that Rajesh sir, his vast experience and knowledge and this blog is the glue that is making all this possible. I comment on a few other blogs also (non weather related ) but not as frequently as this one. The only sad part is that I found Vagaries only this year!

I am from Thane which is 35 km from Bombay city centre. You can look up Google Earth and find Godhbundar road in Thane. Then search for Suraj Water park. I live right across on the opposite side. Sunjay Gandhi National Park which is the larget NP located within city limits starts a few meters behind Suraj water park and is visible from my house.

You will be surprised to learn that my ancestors are originally from Pindi Bahauddin near Gujranwala which is now is Pakistan. Hope to visit your country and my ancestral home someday!!

Rajesh sir, as regards FB I am a little apprenhesive about social media. Never opened an account. But will defenitely give it a thought. Thanks.

Tyrone/Rajesh sir.. what or where is KHI?

Tyrone said...


KHI is the city (Karachi) I live in which is located on the southern coast of Sindh.

GSB, all my relatives live in India, my late mum's sisters brothers and also my dad's brothers and sisters. My dad came to Pakistan (Lahore) in the late sixties. All of my relatives/ cousins live in Bombay, Goa, Mysore, Bangalore. We are the only family here though after my mum and dad migrated here in the 70s.

We did visit India (Goa, Bangalore and Mysore) in the late 70s once.

Anonymous said...

oh thats amazing infact i visit godhbunder road almost everyday,near suraj waterpark.another coincidence is that my fiancee is from pakistan rawalpindi.

Tyrone said...

Very dark and cloudy here in Karachi but no rain yet

Rajesh said...

Readers: please answer my query in the previous article...-:)

GSB said...

Rajesh sir/Tyrone,

Cannot make head or tails of the chart!! Can understand "stock charts" but not these ones!!!! Maybe in a few years.....

Ty'; KHI=Karachi, sometimes the human mind can't make obvious connections... HA HA.

GSB said...

For those of you that follow Global Temp anomalies the CRU at Univ of East Anglia has updated thier June/July figues after a gap of 3/4 months. There has been a contoversy about these figures in the media and on the internet due to the global warming hype..

GSB said...

The All India monsoon figure crosses 700 MM !!!

Yesterday (ending 8.30am today)NWI notched up smart figures with 72% above normal. W Raj and E Raj got 355% and 244% above normal resp. Again Sau & Kutch received 316% above normal rains.. the seasonal deficit reducing to 51% -- still very high.

The overall all India deficit remains at 9%.

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Rajesh Sir. Thanks for the clarification of UAC direction off Sindh coast.

But I think clouding of that UAC will remain in NW Arabian sea in day time & thunder clouds forming in evening/night over Suarashtra & Kutch & Sindh area upto 12th of September.

And that Thai chart showing Arrows in all four directions, so I am confused in the followings

1. Whether it is an indicating an low formation!

2.Inter tropical Convergence Zone

3.Or Demonstrates the pattern of the jet stream, showing how it is linked to and by the difference in warmer and cooler air masses !

So Rajesh Sir please clarify actual what it is ?

sset said...

Why does an UAC not form over south interior India? Anyway all forcasts for Bangalore(including near areas - Mysore,Mandya,Kolar...) rains went wrong from june-Aug. Rains totally eluded these areas. I think Bangalore/Mysore stands city with lowest rain now. Let us see what is in wait now?

Gujarat/Rajisthan 6th year in a row to get excess rains (this year bit concession - but aug/sep was excellent).


junaid said...

@sset aug wasnt tht great for gujarat!in fact a huge deficit exists ,,u can refer gsb 's data, as u r projecting,,,nd uacs do form over south india??wen the monsoon axiz moves south in late sept early oct,,,it does happen

Rajesh said...

Tyrone/Abhijit: The chart, shows a conjunction between 2 lows in the upper atmpsphere. If one notices, the winds turn 90 degrees at the centre. The wind from the left in the square is coming towards the centre from the Sw and turning 90 degrees to NW, and on the right of the square, the winds coming from NE turn to Se. That is because of the axis,the winds turn above and below an axis.
This occurs due to non formation of a high in between. This is a brief explanation. Skies are devoid of rain clouds here normally.
vivek: I think there will be rains in Delhi NCR Sunday as predicted.

Tyrone said...

Thanks for the explanation Rajesh. I appreciate it.

Yes GSB I'm still a novice where teh weather is concerned and got a lot to learn

Didnt understand your comment about KHI though

Nagpur Downpour.... Cloudburst on 23rd between 2.30 am -3.30 am...98.5 mms a t city AWS Railway station 24 hr Rainfall till 8.30am of 23-9-2...