Monday, January 16, 2012

Reader sends Snow Pic from Dehra Dun ..see Inter active Page

We ( Pradeep and myself) have got some figures for the year 2011, but they are haphhazard..meaning few are till september end. We are trying to get the Hulikal post monsoon ,which may be in excess of Cherrapunji for 2011..but till then..

1st four all India Rainfall Toppers for 2011:
C'punji 8675 mms (12 months),
Hulikal 8311 mms (9 months),
Amboli 7874 mms (12 months),
Agumbe 7841 (12 months).

The World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, has recently issued its provisional statement on the status of the global climate. It says that the year 2011 ranked tenth among the top ten warm years.

Putting it differently, one can say that the year 2011 was the coolest of the top ten warm years.

Why this kolaveri di? (Quoting Prof Kelkar !)


Anonymous said...

Putting it differently, one can say that the year 2011 was the coolest of the top ten warm years.

LOL...nice way of looking at things.. :P
u really hate global warming theory..don't you?? :P

Rajan Alexander said...

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Geneva is one of the parents of the UN-Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) along with UNFCCC.

What else can they say? It all depends upon what dataset they use. NASA's GISS is the only dataset that places 2011 as one of the warmest years.

The GISS dataset has been criticized for its reliability as it uses surface measurements. Secondly it has been criticized for manipulation. The first kind is that as it uses only one the number of third surface stations as compared to two decades ago. Colder stations eliminated and warmer stations retained. Secondly, the use a fudge factor adjustment. Take away this adjustment and the raw data does not show any warming.

In contrast, all the satellite datasets place 2011 as one of the coolest.

Rajesh said...

anonymous: I cannot hate some theory or concoction which isn't really there..its all made up and thrust upon the people..ask any met man and he will tell you..-:)
Rajan: what's this with "Colder stations eliminated and warmer stations retained." ?? other factors like fudging etc i know is there, but this is new ??
I know they have added urban centers, which are bound to heat up, and avoided rural stations, which are very much the u mean that ?

Rajan Alexander said...

Rajesh: Actually the issue has been around for at least couple of years. Some links:

Weather Stations Disappearing Worldwide
Gives also useful links of Steve McIntyre that man who exposed the hockey stick.

IPCC False Philosophical Footings: A Massive Deception
Tim Ball gives a graph of reducing weather stations

This is why GISS is not taken seriously. If the Republicans win the presidency, they are likely investigate GISS and Hansen. But it will depend who the Republican candidate is.