Friday, January 20, 2012

City Weekend Forecasts:

Mumbai: Westerly winds on Friday evening will bring in some clouds. Saturday/Sunday will be clear with return of NW winds. Day temperatures will be around 28c and night will be at 14c (S'Cruz) and 17/18c at Colaba.

Pune: Clear sky, but nights cool at around 10c for the weekend.

Delhi: J-3 will not have any precipitation effect on Delhi. But ,fog will reduce on Sunday morning. Clear sky will keep the night temperatures will be around 5/6c on the weekend.

Kolkata: North winds will change the week end weather, though Sunday evening will be calmer.Fog and clouds clearing by Saturday. Day temperatures will be around 24/25c. Nights, will fall from the current 18c to 14c levels.

Karachi: Saturday will see clouds with SW winds, and possibility of overnite light rains on Sunday. Night temperatures will again rise to 15/16c on the weekend.

Kathmandu: Weekend will be devoid of any rains. The temperature range will be 18c – 2c. Some clouding possible on Saturday.

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