Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Cause of Concern for all Meteorologists:

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Akshay Deoras said...

Sitting thousands of miles away from the mysterious nation,it will be a bit improper for me to cast an opinion on the strange matter but being a weather forecaster,I will like to express my thoughts.
So far as what I am reading on the internet,it seems that its a complete murder of freedom in weather forecasting.Punishing for wrong forecasts is something I feel will be better if the government does for the SA cricket team which just lost a match VS Sri Lanka.Except USA and European Nations and some other nations,most of the national weather depts feel they have a prestige and authority to make wrong forecasts and lack in reaching them to the people.In such a case if private sector is doing some work then its a great initiative. No weather dept is the best in the world and frankly having experienced this world of mysterious mysteries of Nature,I feel a mutual co-operative work will lead to a better forecast.

Akshay Deoras

Rajesh said...

Akshay: Well interaction helps better forecasting !

Ashok Patel said...

I agree with both the above comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
It is well accepted that meterological science is far from being a perfect science and most of us agree forecast can turn out to be wrong.However, SA proposal does not seem to be draconian idea, the law desires to prohibhit 'unauthorised' forecast.which is a relevant thought.
we ought to realise that corporate and economic fortunes are indeed tied to weather. hence, forecasts can be easily manipulated to favour some individuals and corporates. for example (the threat of bird flu-cold winter) , severe hurricanes forecasts (to jack up oil prices). However, law alone cannot correct or prevent such lapses, to foster spirit of enquiry we need integrity and probity.

Thanks and regards, Ananth

Viravanalluran said...

My senior and my meteorology GURU used to tell that forecasting of weather is equal to the description of an elephant by a blind man who have touched the elephant parts and narrated about it. More or less meteorology is NOT fully or clearly understood. However most of the time real experience on weather have come as a handy tool in predicting / forecasting the weather [accurately]

Anonymous said...

The Indians asked their Chief in autumn, if the winter was going to be cold or not. Not really knowing an answer, the chief replies that the winter was going to be cold and that the members of the village were to collect wood to be prepared. Being a good leader, he then went to the next phone booth and called the National Weather Service and asked, "Is this winter to be cold?" The man on the phone responded, "This winter was going to be quite cold indeed." So the Chief went back to speed up his people to collect even more wood to be prepared. A week later he called the National Weather Service again, "Is it going to be a VERY cold winter?" "Yes", the man replied, "it's going to be a very cold winter." So the Chief goes back to his people and orders them to go and find every scrap of wood they can find. Two weeks later he calls the National Weather Service again: "Are you absol utely sure, that the winter is going to be very cold?" "Absolutely" the man replies, "the Indians are collecting wood like crazy!" ....potey

Rajesh said...

Cmdr Potey: hahaha..good one !