Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As I write this, I am beginning see summer transition in "postings"

For those of you living from Delhi to Mumbai down South, it's really heating, up as the westerlies shift south and high pressure builds across the border, and in the Arabian Sea.
Fortunately for many, winter is not quite done yet, as snow remains on the hills, albeit lighter in the H.P.and Utteranchal states, but on the higher reaches, and in Ladakh, decent snows remain and will likely remain there until April. Days are heating up, we aren't breaking above normal temps records as yet, for the time of year,but, we're remaining above normal,

These are the readings of the hottest days in Asian Cities today, 17th. March.
Chhor (Pakistan) 42°
Ahmadabad Airport ( India) 41.5°
Rajkot (138 m, India) 40.5°
Bhuj ( India) 41°
Jaisalmer ( India) 40°
Kurnool ( India) 40°
Jodhpur ( India) 40°
Al Ahsa Airport ( Saudi Arabia) 40

Now going into the 42s, our poll target of 45c seems a few weeks away!
Anyway, with no rainfall or sight, we see a marginal heating this week in Rajasthan and Gujarat regions, with the highs going upto 42c in Ahemdabad, Rajkot, Bhuj and Baroda, and in some cities in rajasthan. A.P. may see a 41c in Kurnool or Tirupati.
Map of todays highs in the Sub-continent.

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