Friday, March 19, 2010

Poll could end sooner than expected:
Our 45c poll may not last too long. 50% have given an indication of the 45c touching after May 15th.
Well Well. Lot of rethinking required the way cities in the west are heating up !
Gujarat, everything ok there ?? 43.1c (+7) at Baroda, 43.0c (+8) at Bhuj, 43.0 (+7) at Rajkot, and 42.9c (+7) at Surat. These are the top temperatures in India on the 19th, March.
Hotspot Rajasthan and Vidharbh cities are highest at 40c.
And across in Sindh, 44c at Chorr was the highest in Asia on the 19th.
But, lets not judge or jump to any conclusions or estimates on the monsoon. Too early, we have April to go through still ! Come tropical Thunderstorms, and heat waves just vanish !

IMD anomaly map for 19th. still shows the west-east heat wave.

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