Friday, March 05, 2010

First 40c of this summer touched in India:

Its Anantpur ! On 5th. March,this city is the first to touch 40c, 40.2 to be precise, in India. This temperature for Anantpur,is 4c above normal for this day. The 2nd.nearest city, seen as rounded to 40 on the map, is Kurnool,at 39.5c.
So our poll closes today, with none of the assumed cities getting to the mark, and the "others" category reaching the mark. Though some of the cities did threaten to reach the mark last week. We had 14% vote for other cities, and 29% for Nagpur.

Now, the map shows this as a sudden development. Just when things were cooling down a bit, and the W.D.promised some relief, 1 Indian city shoots into the 40s !The regions hitherto hot, and the areas around Anantpur and Kurnool, are still around 35-37c today.

Just to compare, the first 40s of the last few years: 2009:Bhubaneshwar on 25th.Feb,  2008:Akola on 17th.March,   2007:Mumbai 16th. March and  2006:Akola 0n 22nd. February.
2 Febs in last 5 years !

And, all of a sudden,today, there are a spate of 40s in rest of Asia too !
Makkah (Saudi Arabia) 40°
Kurnool ( India) 40°
Nang Rong ( Thailand) 40°
Anantapur ( India) 40°
Monywa (Myanmar) 40°
4 countries recording their 40s today, and all except Thailand, their first of the season.

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