Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heat Wave East & West !:

Just yesterday I had written that soon Gujarat and Rajasthan will heat up to 42/43c range.
But, in less than 24hrs of finishing my blog..or just "before the ink dries", Gujarat is going ahead in full swing, with almost all cities touching the level today.

No, I wasn't so enthusiastic about it !
Take todays highs: Baroda 42.7c, Bhuj 42.6c, Ahemdabad 42.5c, Surat 42.2c and Rajkot 42.2c ! And Bhuj is +8c above normal and rest 6/7c above. And in adjoining Sindh, Chore 44c and Karachi 42c.
Thats a heat Wave (IMD Map) in the Eastern and Western corner of India!

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