Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow cover for entire U.S. ?
With Washington and other eastern cities digging out from the heaviest snow in decades,opponents of climate change are seizing on a record snowfall in Eastern U.S. On the other hand, environmentalists have launched a counter, pointing out that Olympics host Vancouver is facing a dearth of snow and saying the extreme weather may in fact offer proof, not a rebuttal, of changing climate patterns.

Since the 10th.of February,residents across the eastern US are witnessing record snowfalls that paralyzed the region. Wednesday's blizzard has turned the 2009-2010 winter into the snowiest ever on record for Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, leaving roads too dangerous to navigate.
Compare the 79.9 inches of snow Baltimore, Maryland, has received this winter to the 65.2 inches over the past five winters combined.
The 11.2 inches of snow that fell in Dallas on Thursday, just 1 inch away from same amount this season in Toronto!
And, already this places 2010 February as the second snowiest on record. February 1978 had 13.5 inches.

Mark brings to my notice: the prospect that if someplaces in Florida recieve even the slightest covering of snow , then ALL 50 STATES will have snowcover at one time! Something never recorded in history but apparently the Weather Channel's Tim Ballisty has blogged that Hawaii's peaks do not have snow on them and therefore 49 states would have snow, however even 49 states in quite remarkable and every state in the lower 48, well, quite amazing I think......

And now, reports are coming in that snow is falling and hard on the Florida panhandle and some places are reporting accummulations!! So, every state of the U.S. covered with snow ??Very very rare !.

Satellite of U.S. snow cover

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