Friday, February 12, 2010

A Non Technical (simple) Forecast for Mumbai (On Request).

Actually, there is nothing much of a forecast to put up for Mumbai, during this mid-February period. What do you forecast ? No rain, and clear skies?
But, the FAQ from Mumbaites: is our short lived so called "winter "over ?
Thats right. Thats the question from all in Mumbai, and most want to hear a NO.
Well, whatever we've had till now of winter, I can say the least the "pleasant "weather now prevailing will last into mid week next.
I'll just refresh by copy/pasting my forecast for Mumbai from my blog dated 6th. Feb. The forecast was upto Friday, 12th. 

"For Mumbai, it will be a partly cloudy Sunday, with the day around 30c, and no signs of real cooling at night (22c). Monday will also be partly cloudy, but we should see some cooling from Wednessday thru Saturday. A windy Wednessday and Thursday, will bring the temperature down to around 27c in the day and nights can be around 17c. Suburbs may go down to 14c. Pleasant weather for Mumbai till Saturday".

So continuing...
I give the temperature range, as the comfort level of "cold" and "pleasant" to "very cold" varies from person to person. So, judge your own comfort with the temperatures.

Now, we are well into the weekend, and to put things simply, Mumbai will have the current mild weather conditions, (with temperatures in the range 30c-19c), till Wednessday. I estimate a slight warming up, to 32c from 17th. Feb. Pleasant breeze in the evenings, for the weekend. Cloudy patches on Sunday due to...sorry no all days, till Thursday, clear and sunny.
This weekend, Lonavala may be partially cloudy, hence the weather may not be cold, in fact should be just pleasant, with days warmish at 28c and nights at 15c.

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