Sunday, February 21, 2010

The heat today "quietly" crept into the Western regions of India. The IMD map shows the "red" of the 35c areas going into Gujarat and South Rajasthan. And the darker shade in the Central areas of the Southern Peninsula.

And, our poll cities ? Todays, 21st. Feb highest was Anantapur again at 38.8c (again highest in Asia today).
The others: Solapur: 38.3c (and 2nd. highest in Asia ), Akola 38.0c, Nagpur 35c and Baroda 34.3c.
All these day temperatures, in fact the entire Indian region, is now above normal for this time.I would put as a mid heat wave in the areas showing the yellow and green shades in the departure map.
The expected appraoching the Indian region. By Tuesday, the warm "red " areas should retreat southwards.

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