Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So, finally there seems to be some light on the horizon ! Models and the IMD have predicted the formation of a low in the central bay around the 3rd of Aug. The low will surely produce rains on the central coast of east India.The penetration of the low inland will have to be followed and studied, after its formation. But if strong and development is good, rain will be good and useful in central India, through a corridor upto Gujarat.

It is also predicted, that the monsoon trough will shift south, end of this week.

In short, it means good rains to the eastern belt and east coast from 3rd. and from the 4th. in central India and northern India.. Heavy rains along the west coast from 4th. Now, as per the strenght of the system, the rain could last throughout the week beginning 4th. Aug.

Heat in the middle east is blistering with Darhan in Saudi at 50, and Tallil in Iraq at 49, along with Kuwait.

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