Saturday, July 28, 2007

There seems to be an" out of turn" return of "normal" monsoon winds, though slowly, over the central parts of India, west coast and the northern belt. Even though the monsoon trough still lies near the foothills of the Himalayas, an offshore trough off the west coast has brought sudden rains to Maharashtra and Gujarat. An "upper air circulation" formed over the Gujarat region, and over east Arabian sea. This has brought rains into Maharashtra, (Alibag 170 mms, Santa Cruz 110 mms and Aurangabad 70 mms and many places in Gujarat between 40-90 mms).

Though welcome, this development was unexpected and unusually fast. Even before it could be forecasted, rains were splashed over the region. Rarely do we see such rains with a "break" trough up north.That too, without any organised monsoon "low", or any system. But this activity may be short lived,as the trough in the north still hangs on, and the "upper air circulation can die down equally fast.

The monsoon trough persisting along the Himalayas, may produce rains on its western end,that is in North Pakistan,H.P,southern Kashmir and Garhwal region in the next 2 days.

Another offshore trough is expected off the north Gujarat/Sindh coast, and may produce rain in the coastal areas of Sindh.

Meanwhile, a severe heat wave has been reported in Kuwait. the maximum temperature in Kuwait was 49 c, and in Tallil (Iraq), it was 50 c. alongwith Dahran (S.Arabia) at 50 c.Several places in S.Arabia have seen between 48-50 c.

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