Monday, July 09, 2007

The depression after passing through the centre of India has now weakened, and is over Rajasthan now.

It has poured good amounts of rain over Gujarat, M.P. and Maharashtra. Interestingly, yesterday the day temperatures over Maharashtra and west M.P. fell to 6-10 c below the normal, as is seen from this map(IMD), which shows the departure from normal. Places like Aurangabad,was 8c below the normal at 23.6c.
The rain totals are going up, and Mahableshwar, has accumalated 2966 mm from 1 June to 9th. July.

The interaction of this system with a trough in the northern areas has resulted in heavy rains in the state of H.P. and southern Kashmir. This report from "The Tribune" of the 9th. aroused my interest, and thought it was a bit unusual, and unseasonal. The report quoted"Snowfall :
The higher mountain peaks in Manali and Kangra experienced snowfall today. The seven sister peak, Shikhar Beh and Mukher beh in Manali wore caps of snow, while the Dhauladhar ranges were also snow-clad."

Anyway, both the systems are moving away, and weakened, and a lull in the rains seems to be on the anvil. Awaited is a new system in the bay, most probably.

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