Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yes,Ashokbhai,I agree with your comments.The Cyclonic storm in the Arabian Sea,will dissipate over water within 24-48hrs. The storm turned out to be something of a non starter.After being stationary over the Sea at 19.5Nand 66.5E for almost 3 days,and keeping the meterologist guessing,it has now taken a steady course of slowing down and maybe not stricking land at all.

On the other side of the African continent,somewhat weather history has been created by tropical storm Gordon.Gordon was a Category 1 hurricane when it moved through the Azores Islands in the Atlantic.It remained a category one storm while it headed into the Azores. Rarely does a hurricane stay a hurricane and cross that region of the far eastern Atlantic. Last year, Tropical Storm Vince was the first tropical cyclone in weather history to ever hit the Iberian Peninsula, which includes the nations of Spain and Portugal.

Well, here it seems the strong bay depression will also weaken now,though after causing heavy rain and damage to the eastern states of India.Rain between 11cms-17cms. has been recorded yesterday in several places of Jharkahand and W.Bengal.

We may still have to keep a watch on 17w off the Vietnam coast.It can come as a pulse and become a strong depression in the bay soon next week.

In the mean while,with the threat of "Mukda"waning,the hit or miss thundershowers will take place in some places of Maharashtra and Gujarat region and rain gradually reducing and withdrawing from Rajasthan and Kutch.

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