Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Continueing from my last blog,the merging of the previous low with the W.D. has caused a lot of rain dumping in the norhtern states like Kashmir and Punjab.Amritsar got 140mm of rain and all the rivers in Jammu and Kashmir region are in spate.Flash flooding is reported in the valley.Jammu city recorded 140mm of rain in the last 24hrs.
The latest depression has crossed Orissa and is weakening.Before that,let me state that due to a temporary ridge along the arabian sea,temperatures started rising slightly in Gujarat and going upto 33-34°c in places.But I feel with the approaching low,rains will bring down the temperatures.This depression is already pouring heavy rain (150mm in Govindpur,100mm in Paradip) in Orissa,and is moving N.West towardsM.P. and Gujarat and Vidharbh,portending rain in these areas since it seems to have deep convection in the south.
With another W.D. approaching from the west by the end of this week(by the 8th.),northern areas of Pakistan and India should get rain around that time.
Now is the bay done with?Not yet,according to Jim Andrews.Typhoon "loke" may yet send a remnant this way,maybe next week?But,due to the winds changing along with the season,and the approaching W.D.,the next of ,if it forms,may, I feel, move North/North-east,sheared off by the North- westerlies.

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