Friday, September 01, 2006

The total rain as of end August for Mumbai is as expected. On the plus side. The city has had a total rain of 1947 mm (78") and the surburbs 2494 mm (100") as of end August. Last year, on this date, the rain was 1603 mm (64") for city and 2545 mm (102") for the surburbs. Not to forget Mahableshwar, it has accumalated 7771 mm (311") as on end August.

The Bay is buzzing again! Its getting back to what it has been doing throughout this season. A new low is expected to form in the bay on 3rd Sept. The existing low has moved north to merge with the W.D. This is after a long instance that I have noticed a low forming in the bay on its own. Most of the lows forming in the bay are migrating remnants of pulse energy and circulations moving from the South China sea.

The movement will have to be monitored, as the last low moved quite differently and unexpectedly initially. It has already dumped substantial rain over M.P. and Chattisgarh and now is active over Rajasthan.

Weather has slightly cooled down in the Northern states of Kashmir and H.P. showing a mild trend of autumn. Gulmarg in Kashmir has gone down to 9°c on the 30th, showing a lowering trend.

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Anonymous said...

A depression 90B has now formed in N. Bay of Bengal

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