Sunday, July 23, 2023

Record Rains in Gujarat

 23rd July...

Record, Extreme and devastating rains in Junagadh and Kutch...

A basically low rainfall region!

Videos sent by Vagarian Gaurav ( Junagadh).

Excerpt from Vag. Gaurav 👇

"22 july 2023, it's Second time in july month when extreme rainfall event occurred and this time Historical flood create havoc in junagadh city of saurashtra (guj) 

, situation became horrific after 241mm cloudburst rains reported here today afternoon within few hours, and probably even more intense rains recorded in girnar mountain area which triggered flash flood towards city area, many vehicles and cattle washed away in flood water. Flood water entered Many residential societies and also in market area, local authority and NDRF attend rescue operation in flood affected areas."

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sset said...

Extreme rains over Maharashtra Gujarat is causing drought over entire southern India..

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