Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Special Mumbai Outlook:...Posted on 2nd August Evening.

The mid Monsoon dry spell in Mumbai likely to end later this week. With strengthening of westerly winds from the Arabian Sea, rain can increase from Friday 5th August in Mumbai, with more frequent passing showers expected during the day. 

The hot days may see an improvement in temperatures by a drop of about 2° in the day. But sultry conditions ..to continue.

Last week's Temperatures..👇

Weekend of 6-7 August may see more frequent moderate to heavy showers 🌧  parts of Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

The lakes and Water position is comfortable at around 88%Storage..

 For the Month of August, rainfall for Mumbai likely to be around normal....About 575 mms.

Goa: Starting with heavy rains on 4th Thursday &Friday, rainfall 🌧 increase for the weekend. 

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