Sunday, August 07, 2022

Posted 7th August Sunday:

Outlook for 8th/9th /10th:

Mumbai:Orange alert for Mumbai for next 3 days 8th, 9th & 10th August. 

Meaning heavy rains with Thunder expected on 8th Monday and 9th Tuesday. Local areas getting waterlogged. Expected to exceed 175 mms rainfall in two days ....Can expect Gusty winds also.

Pune: Orange Alert in Pune regions for heavy rains on Monday and on Tuesday to some extent...Exceeding 100 mms in 2 days. Very cool days om 8th/9th at around 24c. 

Mahabaleshwar: Very heavy rainfall with foggy conditions.

Lonavala: Frequent heavy showers with fog...Heavy rains expected in the 3 days. Travel safety necessary

Aurangabad: Not much relief from the wet outfields in Aurangabad. Steady frequent showers expected on 8th /9th/10th..around 15-20 mms/day. reducing on 10th

Jalgaon Region: Showers with thunder persisting in the mentioned 3 days. With wet conditions and rainfall around 25 mms/day.

Goa: Fairly frequent showers persisting in Goa for the 3 days in mention...Rainfall exceeding 100 2 days initially.

Gujarat Region and Saurashtra can expect moderate Showers on 8th/9th/10th..with most palces in the region exceeding 40 mms/day.

Bharuch: Frequent rains on the 3 days mentioned with pleasant temperatures. Around 25mm/day.

Delhi: With not much rain conditions, temperatures expected to rise with days getting hot to around 36/37c.

The BB-8 has become Well Marked in the Bay off Odisha Coast. The System will deepen more, hence the above forecast.


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