Friday, August 19, 2022

Huge effect of BB 9 Depression in Sindh Region..

2022 - Annual Rainfall till date of Upper/Central Sindh:

▪️ JACOBABAD ➖ 546 mm (All Time Highest)

▪️ ROHRI ➖ 501 mm (All Time Highest)

▪️ SUKKUR ➖ 484.5 mm (All Time Highest)

▪️ MOENJODARO ➖ 535.8 mm (All Time Highest)

▪️ LARKANA ➖ 511.5 mm (2nd Highest)

▪️ SAKRAND ➖ 555 mm (2nd Highest)

▪️ DADU ➖ 455 mm (3rd Highest)

▪️ KHAIRPUR ➖ 479.5 mm (2nd Highest)

sent by Zohair (Karachi)

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sset said...

Useless north bay systems leads to drought over southern India. Kerala staring at massive drought total SWM failure.

Year after year maharashtra gujarat central India becoming wetter. Why weather experts not doing research on this panic situation climate change.

  October 5th.. Dussehra wishes to all Vagaries Readers  It now seems we may have to neglect the weak BB 14 and concentrate on this new Low....