Sunday, December 12, 2021

 Gujarat weather forecast for next 4 days (13-16 December):

Weather will gradually turn cooler in almost all of Gujarat from tomorrow onwards.

  • Max/min temperature for Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar and Vadodara regions likely to drop to around 27°C/14°C by Tuesday 14th December, and a further drop to 26°C/13°C possible from Wednesday. 
  • Bharuch region will see pleasant nights (around 15°C) and further drop from Thursday 16th. 

  • Places in Saurashtra may also see temperatures around 26°C/12°C. Nights in Kutch may be colder with min dropping to single digits (8-9°C).
  • Surat may see max dropping below 30°C from Tuesday while min may be around 16-17°C.

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