Friday, April 09, 2021

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Light to Moderate Weekend Rainfall likely on 10th/11th in 

Vidharbh, East M.P ( Jabalpur), Chattisgarh and adjoining Odisha.

Mumbai will be partly cloudy this weekend and Humid. Day around 33/34c, night around 23/24c.

Pune weekend will be partly cloudy ,with cumulus (CB) developments. Hot at 36/37c.

Cooler Nights in Haryana, Delhi and pars of Punjab on 9th Morning.

Delhi S'Jung saw a sudden drop on 9th to a low of 14.3c (-5c). Lodhi Gardens in Delhi recorded a low of 14.0c (-5c).

Haryana: Hissar 13.8c (-5c), Karnal 12.4c (-5c)

Punjab: Amritsar 12.6c, Kapurthala: 10.4c.

Chandigarh also saw a low of 14.4c (-3c)

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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir its raining every month. This was never experienced in past. Does it indicate climate changes.?

Rainfall for the period 1-3-2023 to 31-5-2023

    Number of Districts with above normal rainfall         :    504     Number of Districts with below normal rainfall         :    209     ...