Friday, April 09, 2021

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Weather Knowledge Page

Light to Moderate Weekend Rainfall likely on 10th/11th in 

Vidharbh, East M.P ( Jabalpur), Chattisgarh and adjoining Odisha.

Mumbai will be partly cloudy this weekend and Humid. Day around 33/34c, night around 23/24c.

Pune weekend will be partly cloudy ,with cumulus (CB) developments. Hot at 36/37c.

Cooler Nights in Haryana, Delhi and pars of Punjab on 9th Morning.

Delhi S'Jung saw a sudden drop on 9th to a low of 14.3c (-5c). Lodhi Gardens in Delhi recorded a low of 14.0c (-5c).

Haryana: Hissar 13.8c (-5c), Karnal 12.4c (-5c)

Punjab: Amritsar 12.6c, Kapurthala: 10.4c.

Chandigarh also saw a low of 14.4c (-3c)

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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir its raining every month. This was never experienced in past. Does it indicate climate changes.?

Strong Western Disturbance is seen affecting the country and the subcontinent. Heavy rain and snow reported from Himalayas, and rain/thunder...