Saturday, April 03, 2021

 Posted 3rd April:

Heat Wave and Hot conditions in  Vidharbh, Telengana, A.P. & Tamil Nadu on 2nd April:

Some extreme temperatures in T.N.:

Vellore 43.4c, Thiruthani 42.5c, Salem 42.4c, Tiruchirapalli &Madurai AP 42.3c, Chennai AP 41.8c, Chennai (Nunga) 41.2c, Dharmapri, Nammakal,  & Madurai  41.0c, Puducherry 37.8c, Coimbatore AP 36.9c.

The automatic weather stations in West Tambaram, Meenambakkam and Madhavaram also registered temperatures of 41.8c, 41.3c and 41.1c

 Pradeep John said the spike in mercury was due to hot winds blowing from the Cuddapah, Rayalseema and Anantapur belt. Besides, strong offshore winds are delaying the sea breeze coming into coastal areas like Chennai resulting in increased heating time.


sset said...

As usual famous South East India heat wave.... will persist for long time.
Anantapur / Rayalseema well known for furnace heat - Bangalore too close to Anantapur will roast.
All these places are at mercy of ever failing NEM.... only rare years bring rains.

Devesh said...

After facing the hottest March day in the past several years, Delhi today recorded one of the lowest minimum temperatures for the month of April. Safdarjung Observatory recorded 11.7 degrees.

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