Monday, April 05, 2021

Posted 5th April afternoon;

Western Disturbance bring showers in Kashmir, Ladakh, H.P, & Uttarakhand.

But the plains and Peninsula India remain hot, with Heat Waves in some Regions.

Particularly, the day will be hot on Wednesday 7th,as seen from the forecast Map for 7th (Below). 

Central India goes under the Heat, with the regions> 40c ( Central M.P, Gujarat and North Konkan)  and > 43c ( Parts of  East Gujarat , North Mah. and North Konkan).

Bharuch will be very Hot at 42/43c.

Parts of East Gujarat & North Konkan may be between 40-43c on 7th. Badlapur, Panvel ,Karjat may be between 42-44c.

Jabalpur & Indore will touch 40/41c on 7th. 

On 7th, Mumbai will be warm and humid at 35c, and Pune hot at 38c.

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Salim Ramani , Jabalpur said...

Thanks sir for regular updates.

Jabalpur's minimum is below normal from last few days,
On 2nd April it dropped by 6 degrees and touched 16.6 .
but maximum are increasing slowly.

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