Thursday, February 25, 2021

 Posted Thursday 25th February ..Afternoon

Mumbai  had a warm/Hot week (19th -25th) as seen from the Graph (See the Red Line for Actual temperature and Black line is  the normal temperature.)

The average Mumbai Humidity was 50%.

Now, this weekend 26th -28th, and the first 2 days into March will continue to be warm around 33/35c, with average 55 % humidity. No signs of meaningful relief till that date.

Pune was also warm in the latter part of the week. Average Humidity was also at 50%.Coming Weekend will be warm at 32/34c and nights becoming slightly pleasant at 15c/16c.

Goa: weekend will be Partly cloudy and warm at 34/35c, with average humidity at 75%.

Delhi NCR: Weekend: Hot misty days at 31/32c with humid conditions, making it stuffy. Nights around 13/14c.

Jabalpur next 4 days, also remaining warm at 32/34c, and nights around 16c.

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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir Mumbai nights will be pleasant or warm?

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