Thursday, February 11, 2021

 Posted 11th February:

For the Weekend 12th - 15th February:

Cold spells and extreme snow in America and Europe:

But Our Indian Subcontinent in contrast will be absolutely dry . Warmer days and slightly warmer nights hence forth this weekend. 

The day temperatures for the weekend are shown. in colour codes. Details for North India with days below 25c, 20c and 15c are shown.

Konkan getting hot.

Similarly for the weekend nights. Below 15c, 10c and 5c are shown in different colour coded maps.

Mumbai will be dry and warm in the day. with the night temperatures rising by a couple of degrees from last week's range. Last week averaged 34c (Day) and 18c (Night) for Mumbai. We shall have the weekend averaging 32c(day) and 21c(Night).

Pune will be warm and dry. Temperatures averaging between 31c and 14c.

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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Thank You Sir for your update

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