Monday, April 27, 2020

Posted Monday Afternoon:

The Low Pressure, BB-1, is likely to form in the Bay around south Andaman around 30th April. should intensify in the next few days and travel N/NW from 30th -3rd May.

Rains to continue in the states of Odisha, Chattisgarh and W.Bengal initially on 27th, and then restricted to West Bengal.
Kolkata should get Thunder showers on Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Jabalpur may get light rains on 30th/1st May.

Delhi NCR days to get hot from 1st May, and can touch 41/42c.

For next 4 days Monday 27th-1st May:
Mumbai will be hot at 34/35c and very humid. Sweaty conditions , but be safe at home !
Chances of some clouds drifting from East and bringing some rains ( Lightning) over parts of Mumbai on 30th April/1st May.
Interior parts of North Konkan can get thunder showers on 29th-1st May.

Pune : Hot in the day and just pleasant at night at 21/22c. But getting cloudy with chances of rain in parts of Pune on 30th/1st May.

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