Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sub 20 c temps at Mumbai Scz ( Vile Parle )..

The seasonal weather variations at Mumbai and Konkan / Goa are not so extreme .

Sub 20 c minimum temps mark the change of seasons in the tropical city of Mumbai  ( similar on the lines of the first freeze 0 c , in temperate climates ) .

21st century AVERAGES for sub 20 c minimum temp at Mumbai Scz ( Vile Parle ) ..

Last sub 20 c (avg 19.3 c) min of the season : 
21 March (avg) 

First sub 20 c (avg 19.2 c) min of the season : 
7 November (avg)

Avg. Time interval between last and first 
sub 20 c min : 231 days

21st century RECORDS

Shortest time intervals between last and first 
sub 20 c min : 

199 days (year 2005)
210 days (year 2011)
211 days (year 2015)

Longest time intervals : 

275 days (year 2002)
265 days (year 2019)
255 days (year 2014)

Last sub 20 c min temp of the season :

Earliest : 26 Feb 2002 @ 19.5 c 
Most late : 11 Apr 2005 @ 19.7 c 

First sub 20 c min temp of the season :

Earliest : 19 Oct 2007 @ 18.7 c 
Most Late : 13 Dec 2019 @ 19.5 c 


Atul P Naik said...

This is a fascinating but of statistics and apt too. Yes indeed, 20°C should be the point of change of seasons. Thank you!

Rajesh said...

Unique, absolutely rare comparison and only in vagaries.. Good research Rohit

Rohit Aroskar said...

Thanks Atul ji and Rajesh sir

sset said...

Impact of strong +IOD...
Australia drought and heat wave.. South Australia regularly faces drought. Nullarbor 49.9c nearly 50c!
NEM has not seen any systems. Chennai deficit by -300mm. NEM ends. Bay completely silent
East Africa torrential rains 2 years of rains dumped in single day. AS systems regularly hits Africa

NilaY Wankawala said...

So much hard work put in Rohit.

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