Sunday, December 15, 2019

Posted 15th December...International Post
How precipitation is affected by the positive phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole around the Indian Ocean.
When the IOD is in its positive phase, warmer than average water pools in the western Indian Ocean, near the Horn of Africa, leading to increased rain in eastern Africa and more tropical cyclone activity in the western Indian Ocean. Conversely, cooler than average water near Indonesia and off the coast of northern Australia leads to less rainfall in southern and central Australia.
Twenty-nine Australian locations have already set new all-time record highs in 2019, including South Australia's capital, Adelaide, which soared to 47.7c  on January 24, according to international records expert Maxmiliano Herrera.

Australia May Have Its Hottest Day on Record 

Many inland areas of southern Australia are likely to have highs soar well over 40c for multiple days.If this doesn't set the all-time record, it could still threaten Australia's hottest December temperature record of 49.5c set at the Birdsville Police Station in Queensland on Christmas Eve 1972.

At a Glance

  • A blistering heat wave will expand across Australia through the next week.
  • The worst of the heat will extend from Western Australia to New South Wales and Victoria.
  • The hottest locations could have highs reaching 50c
  • National heat records could be set during this heat wave.


Rajesh said...

Answer to one query a few days back on Accuracy of Weather Forecasting...See this article from Vagaries..
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Unknown said...

Thanks Rajesh for reposting the above link on weather forecasting. Even for me as a non technical person in weather, I was able to relate to the article.


sset said...

Due to this very reason of extra - +IOD 2019 NEM no systems formed over SE India (TN/AP).Bay was silent and systems went to AS -> East Africa. But previous years systems were impact of strong WD influence. We require IOD to go -ve phase.

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