Thursday, December 05, 2019

Posted 5th December morning :

5th official (IMD) cyclone in the Arabian Sea, equals the 1902 record for maximum number of cyclones ever recorded in a year in AS.

Mumbai got its share of some rains on Thursday morning as expected..
Vagaries mentioned on 2nd the system AS 6 will "meet with stiff resistance in many parameters" and not to "expect much". System is weak now and weakening and moving away.

Mumbai/Pune : cloudy in the day and clearing later. AS 6 has moved away.. Let's look forward to winter temperatures now.

A trough in the Comorin region will result in a low in the Southern Arabian Sea area by Saturday. Will deepen.
Don't look with any chances in our seas... Will track SW. 


Unknown said...

Rajesh, your accuracy rate this year must be close to 100% I think. Here we are, in December, and you were spot on forecasting 3 days before about light rains on Thursday morning. These off season rains must be more difficult to follow and track I suppose and that's why such a precise forecast in a very unassuming way is highly creditable. Superb show by you and Vagaries this year.

I know that beyond all this, there is a tremendous effort that is being put in. And that is why I nowadays strongly react to comments which are baseless, illogical and without facts. Such comments demean the credibility of this blog and all the efforts put by you and others here. When people spew repetitive non-facts, cannot remain a silent spectator all the time.

And meanwhile, you can take a bow, for an outstanding forecast this season.


Rajesh said...

Thanks Suresh for the kind words. It is such encouraging words from readers which keeps me going. I know you are an ardent vagaries reader.
On your and others suggestions, i have started blocking unnecessarily and misleading comments.
Thanks and keep on supporting vagaries.

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