Saturday, July 21, 2018

Posted 21st July

Extremely heavy rain lashed Odisha due to BB-5...Rainfall ending today till 8.30am are as follows...Min 125 mm:-

Th Rampur-290mm, Bharmagiri,Puri-290mm, Junagarh-256mm
Jaipatna-256mm, Jatani, Bhubaneswar-255mm
Tentulikunti-242mm, Pipili,Puri-240mm
Kesinga-237mm, Indrivati-223mm, Kashipur-223mm
Boiparguda-220mm, Narla-213mm, Cuttack-212mm
Jaypatna-210mm, Jagatsingpur-210mm
Korukonda-208mm, Barang-205mm, Kalampur-200mm
Madanpur-199mm, Kesinga-199mm, Nandahandi-198mm
Balianta, Bhubaneswar-196mm, Bhubaneswar IMD-195MM
Karlamunda-192mm, Koraput-188mm, Similiguda-187mm
Khorda, Bhubaneswar-185mm, Lamatapur-179mm, Mathili-174mm
Bilimela-165mm, Mundeli-165mm, Banki-157mm
Nuagada-149mm, Dasmamtpur-148mm, Guma-146mm
Nandapur-144mm, Koirput-143mm, Naraj-142mm
Jeypore-138mm, K.singpur-136mm, Kotpad-126mm
Amounts from Vagarian Mitan Batu

Our Vagarian Abhijit informs:
Patna records highest temperature ever in July at 41.6°C, 9 degrees above normal, smashes 36-year-record set in 1982 (41.2°C)

Monsoon deficiency in Patna is -85%. Should have received 357 mm, only received 50 mm so far. Heading for driest July in at least 10 years.

Shillong records highest temperature ever on 20th July,  for July at 29.1°C which is 5°C above normal!!
Also broken new record of 28.9°C for July month which was created last year itself !

World wettest place Cherrapunji getting famous for different reason this year in peak monsoon period !!
As Cherrapunji records highest temperature ever today for July at 30.6°C which is 8°C above normal!!
Also broken 47 yrs record of 28.6°C which was recorded on 15 July 1971! Though record was broken yesterday itself as max yesterday was 29.6°C!!


Sarfaraj khan said...

Pls forecast for Mumbai region next week

Vinod Desai said...

Please give some insights on how August and September will be for indian monsoon.
Also please give forecast for North Gujarat.

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