Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Posted 20th February Tuesday Night:

Heat to build up this week  (21st -24th) in Madhya Maharashtra ( Pune/Ahmednagar) North Konkan and South Gujarat Coast (Surat).....
F-3 to precipitate in North and Central India from 23rd...
Hails likely in Madhya Maharashtra.

As Western Disturbance F-2, currently over the Northern Hills of the Sub Continent, moves away in a day or two after precipitating Rain/snow over the mountains, we see another Western Disturbance F-3 moving into India .
F-3 will bring rains to most of Northern Pakistan and Upper Sindh regions on 23rd. Some isolated thundershowers expected in Central Sindh ans Pakistan Northern plains.

F-3 will be having a deeper trough , into the plains of India, and will move in on the 23rd. Besides heavy precipitations in Kashmir and H.P, we will see rains in the plains also. 

On 24th, Punjab, Haryana, adjoining West U.P,  Delhi,  Rajasthan, West M.P. and even Northern Madhya Maharashtra will get Thunder showers. 
Hailstorms are expected in North Madhya Maharashtra on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th.
The regions get rains , with hail on 24th also, and more parts of Maharshtra will get rainfall. North Madhya Maharashtra and  Marathwada will be affected by hails.

Meanwhile, the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra is likely to heat up during the week. Temperatures expected to touch 40c this week itself.

Mumbai: Partly cloudy on Thursday, and warm.
Pune: Cloudy on Friday, getting warmer in the week, as mercury will rise to 34/35c.
Delhi NCR: Hotter during the week , around 30/31c in the daytime. Showers on Saturday 24th.
Baroda will be warm at 36/37c during the wee. Light rain expected on 24th.


Cumulus arjun said...

So, when the F-3 will come, then the temperatures will reduce over Maharashtra?

Hrishikesh said...

Will puṇe get rain/hail?

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