Thursday, January 04, 2018


A fast moving winter storm (snow,blizzards,high wind speeds) will skirt the US North-East coast today and suck Arctic frigid air on Friday and Saturday (plunging wind chill levels)..
The storm will move towards Canada maritimes states by tomorrow morning..
UK will get cold after Storm Eleanor as a high pressure area approaches bringing in cold North winds,with London wind chills dipping below freezing levels (0 to -5) during this weekend ..
Read the forecast and precautions to be taken ..

The silver lining : Early next week (Monday/Tuesday) , North -East US will thaw as temps rise by 20 c across the region due to temporary south winds, reaching upto 5 c during mid-day..

North East US (Boston / New York/Newark).. 
 Snow in New England region (Boston) to be expected around 1 feet and in Newark/New York around 2-4 inches today ..
Cape cod region will have rain /snow mix as the coastal front dilly dallies there (as shown in the wind map below)..
Remove the snow immediately tonight as by tomorrow it will turn into ice as more frigid weather sets in after the storm ..

Max temp -10 to -15c , low temp -20c by weekend..Winds along coast will gust to 70 kmph and in the interiors to 40 kmph..
Windchills below -15 through the week plunging to -30/-40 levels at times..
Be indoors/minimize travel and keep yourself/your pets/water pipes insulated..Keep atleast one faucet dripping so that pressure doesn't build in your water pipes and know where your water main shutoff valve is located..
Keep emergency state numbers handy in case of power outages due to high wind speeds ..

Moving over to West US , Seattle will settle at 9 c(max) / 4 c(min) this weekend with the usual winter clouds and rain showers..
Bay area will become relatively sunnier as the weekend approaches with temps around 15 c / 7 c ..
The desert city of Phoenix will be fine and very dry with temps around 23 c / 9 c through the week..

Roads under snow ..Current stormy weather at Virginia -5 c (wind chill is -15) (Photo Courtesy: Leena Joseph)

Boston currently at 11 am EST ( Photo courtesy : Venus Patel)

New Jersey currently at 11 am EST ..freezing cold stormy outdoors from the cosiness of indoors( Photo courtesy: Taher Saif)

Past 24 hrs temps at US/Canada/Mexico .. It's freezing cold deep into Texas/Mexico to Florida(Jacksonville)..Bitter cold across the midwest plains and great lakes with extreme values dipping to -30/-40 c with wind chills of bone chilling -45..

Only the west coast of US is recording above freezing temps with fine and mild conditions along Californian west coast(Los Angeles), Mojave desert(Las Vegas) and Sonoran desert (Phoenix).
West Mexican desert/semi arid region is sunny,warm and dry (Choix).


Meanwhile in India today, the northwest plains(parts of Haryana/Punjab/UP) recorded cool max day temps of 11c - 12 c(with fog blanket) and parts of Rajasthan /Haryana/Delhi/ MP /North Chattisgarh recorded near freezing min temp of -1 c to 3 c (with fog blanket).

Leh ( JK) max/min temp was 1 c / -14 c 

Mumbai recorded cool night(16 c) and warm day (30 c).Pune recorded 29/12..
Chennai was mild with max/min temps of 30 c / 21 c.
Bengaluru was fine , dry with max/min temps of 28 c /17 c .
Delhi was cold at night and foggy with max/min temps of 19 c /04 c.
Kolkata was fine,cool with max/min temps of 22 c /12 c .


Rajesh said...

Rohit: Thanks for giving the recent temperatures across U.S...please update with current temps regularly

Abhijit Modak said...

Superb presentation Rohit.. And Snow storm pics are awesome

Rohit Aroskar said...

Thanks Abhijit :)

Rohit Aroskar said...

The Earth equivalent temps(EET) at Mars Rover location was -4 c/-19 c yday( thermometer actual readings -24 c/-79 c)

Rohit Aroskar said...

Snow upto one and half feet reported from New England region (USA) and Cape cod sub-region reporting coastal flooding and damaged power lines..updated 4 Jan night 11 pm EST

Heavy rain forecast for north India - next 24-48 hours Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and northern parts of Punjab and Haryana can receive he...