Friday, June 30, 2017

Shirgaon (Ratnagiri) tops with 1999 mm in Maharashtra for June total rain.


NilaY Wankawala said...


ALL INDIA CRF 01.06.2017 TO 30.06.2017 ACTUAL IS 170.2 MM
ALL INDIA CRF 01.06.2017 TO 30.06.2017 NORMAL IS 163.3 MM
% DEPARTURE ALL INDIA 01.06.2017 TO 30.06.2017IS +4.0%

Rohit Aroskar said...

Shirgaon in pursuit of Cherrapunji ..

Last year swm 2016 ..Shirgaon 9293 mms , Cherrapunji 6233 mms

Srivathsa said...

Mumbai Santa Cruz ends with almost exactly the long term June average 523 mm.

sset said...

Rightly said Rohit Maharashtra is emerging as new Cherrapunji.

For all bloggers who opposed me - Vijay,Suresh,Saurabh

Kodagu Cauvery basin 30% defecit. Karnataka staring 4th year of drought.
Loss of forest/trees in Kodagu + climate pattern change is the cause.
Last 4 years Maharashtra rains are increasing same time decreasing over Southern India negative correlation needs to be analyzed. After june monsoon axis shifts to north, bay lows hit only Maharashtra,Central India,GUJ,RAJ,North India - leaving south dry. Wait for unpredictable NE monsoon which is in mercy of western disturbances or low hitting NE India.

In years to come Tamil Nadu, South Andhra, Karnataka may witness huge change - near desertification.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Maharashtra is not emerging as Cherrapunji..How can a state be compated to a weather station ?
Some stations from the western ghats do receive more swm (Jun-Sep) rain thn Cherrapunji ,roughly around 4 monsoons out of 10 ..It is business as usual

Karan Kumbhar said...

Fact check :
Before 2016, marathawada had one of the worst droughts in years. Water was transported via trains to district of latur.
If anyone still feels Maharashtra is taking rains, please .

Rohit Aroskar said...

Maharashtra is divided into 4 weather subdivisions ..
1) Konkan and Goa ( Mumbai / Panji )
2) Madhya Maharashtra ( Pune / Nashik / Solapur )
3) Marathwada ( Aurangabad / Nanded )
4) Vidarbha ( Nagpur / Akola )

..Subdivisions 2,3,4 are drought prone

Avtansh said...

@Tejas Baxi Awesome work

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