Thursday, June 29, 2017

Posted Thursday Night:

Friday will be cloudy, with frequent showers. Showers will not be long or persistent, but of fairly good duration. 
Saturday will see and increase in the rain intensity from evening/night. 
Sunday will be rainy fairly frequently with regular heavy showers. Should receive around 60-70 mms by Sunday morning (last 24 hrs). 

Pune: Cloudy and pleasant with occasional light to moderate rains this weekend. Around 7-10 mms per day.
Akola: No meaningful increase in rains in the region. A few scattered showers this weekend.

Delhi NCR: Friday will be cloudy with showers in the day. Around  10-15 mms expected. Slight increase in rains on Saturday, and gauge may measure around 25 mms. Sunday will also see occasional showers.
Bhubaneshwar: Moderate thunder shower likely on Friday.
Ahmadabad: Cloudy with a few showers on Friday and Saturday. Good moderate to heavy showers on Sunday.
Bangalore: Cloudy with light rains in some parts this weekend.

Jabalpur: Fairly good showers (some heavy) on Friday and Saturday. Slight decrease in rainfall on Sunday.

Indore: Friday /Saturday/Sunday: Cloudy with a few showers. upto 10 mms of rains per day.

Karachi received good showers on Wednesday. Thursday also was cloudy with a good spell of rains. Friday will be cloudy with light to medium showers in some parts. Rainfall decreasing thereafter.


sset said...

With all respects to bloggers - I guess only time can speak reality.
2016 monsoon failure over souther india was forecasted happened with both SWM + NEM failure - while MAHA witnessed extreme rains. 2017 is following similar trend. This cannot be considered fluke but some anomoly in climate pattern - which needs focus. Anyway I am just a common person with no weather knowledge let us see what happens in next 3 months...

Rohit Aroskar said...

Konkan nd Goa(west coast) has rocked since ages , during monsoons..
Interior Maha had drought in 2015 , above average rains in 2016 ..

NilaY Wankawala said...

Defecit may have reasons of their own but i feel it's certainly not the truth that someone else is eating away my food and hence am starving.

Unknown said...

Nashik (IMD) recorded 249.4 mm (+151.9 mm) seasonal rainfall in June month.

While Nashik (Agri dept) recorded 331.2 mm (+237.7 mm) seasonal rainfall in June month.

Igatpuri tops with rainfall 795 mm (+330 mm) in Nashik district in June month.

Unknown said...

Shirgaon (Ratnagiri) tops with seasonal rainfall 1999 mm in Maharashtra in June month.

Cumulus arjun said...

Average quota of rains for June month in santacruz and Colaba stations has reached. Santacruz received 523 mm this June and Colaba received 559 mm of rains this June

Unknown said...

Can someone post nilgiri|bhavani catchment area rainfall figures please..We really need this drought to end.And good thing happening is we people removing the silt,and increasing capacity of water bodies after 20 years,i heard from my people.Now rain needed badly.My bore well itself 1100 feet, very less water available.

Unknown said...

It's Saturday night ..and there is some drizzling in Andheri hope the rain catches up ..hoping for some good rains tonight ..

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