Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mumbai: Monday 26th,Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th will see frequent showers, some heavy. Regular monsoonish weather will amount to around 50-55 mms of rain per day.
Eastern outer townships may see a slight reduction in rains from what was experienced on Saturday night.
Northern outer townships will get fairly heavy showers.
Panvel and Roha regions will also get frequent heavy showers, next 3 days, averaging around 50-60 mms per day. 

Delhi NCR will be hot on Monday and Tuesday. Good increasing rains from Tuesday night thru Wednesday.

First massive monsoon spell lashes N.Konkan
Mumbai which missed the spell yesterday night got that in morning period:

Some rainfall in 12 hrs till 8.30 pm IST today in mms:

Vagaries Club 95 mms
Dadar 86 mms
Colaba 65 mms
Santacruz 49 mms

Widespread heavy Rain lashed Thane & Palghar Dist as on 25th Morning

map compiled by Vagarian Rohit Aroskar

map compiled by Vagarian Tejas Baxi

As usual Palghar district shows it's own feature of dragging severe rain.. 

Some massive rainfall in mms of past 24hrs ending 8.30am today dated 25-06-2017 (Above 300):

Talasari 469
Zhari 460
Kanchad 409
Wada 368

Savarkhand 334 
Vikramgad 324
Suksale 320
Khutal 314 

Kasa 320
Talwada 301
Kudus 290

Mumbai Water Supplying Dams also gets massive rain

Below figures in mm ending 8.30am today dated 25-06-2017:

Tansa 340 

Vaitarna 280
Mid vaitarna 220
Bhatsa 180
Upper vaitarna 160
Vihar 90 
Tulsi 70

West Nashik district lashed by heavy rain. Massive rainfall figures of Nashik district ending 8:30 am on 25 June 2017 (Above 100 mm)
Igatpuri 220 mm
Ghoti (Igatpuri) 204 mm
Dhargaon (Igatpuri) 160 mm
Trimbakeshwar 148 mm
Borgaon (Surgana) 120 mm
Welunje (Trimbakeshwar) 104 mm
Harsul (Trimbakeshwar) 101 mm

Extremely heavy rain reported in Valsad district in south Gujarat during last 24 hours ending 8:30am today.
Below figures in mms..
Vapi 480
Silvasa 380
Daman 370
Madhuban 330
Valsad 200


Cumulus arjun said...

Mulund east - 206 mm

Rohit Aroskar said...

Palghar district in Mumbai region has done hattrick of 400 mms+ rains , recorded in 24 hrs (continuous 3 monsoons )

Rajesh said...

Arjun: Do you have your own measurements of rain ? Or is the figure taken from some source ?

Cumulus arjun said...

No sir, I took it from a source and that source took from the BMC rain site

shiekhz said...

sir nothing for us? sindh?

NilaY Wankawala said...

Mumbai Readers can visit

Gives rainfall figures in last 15 minutes.
Select the station from the drop down menu

It's by MCGM disaster management system

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,The UAC which was near south gujarat coast giving rains to North konkan and mumbai has gone far away from the coast...Do you see a sharp reduction or break in rains over west coast...or any increase after some days..????

Avtansh said...

@Nilay, there's an Android app also for the same. Quite useful for many stations.

NilaY Wankawala said...

@ Avtansh Thanks bro for inviting attention

SVT said...

over 80mm rains in some parts of Mumbai again since last night.

Rajesh said...

Abizer: i have put up 3 days estimated weather..More later

Rajesh said...

Though we have a good number of responses from Mumbai, I try to cover the regions from where i get good response and feedback.

NilaY Wankawala said...


All Over India CRF Till 27.06.2017 ACTUAL is 139.1 MM
All Over India CRF till 27.06.2017 NORMAL is 140.1 MM
All Over India % Departure till 27.06.2017is -0.7 %

sset said...

Among west coast Harnai seems to be leading (overtaken KAR Augmbe).
Somehow I feel increase in MAHARASHTRA rains over last few years has led to decrease in rains over KARNATAKA and KERALA. 2016 after june monsoon suddenly vanished from south west coast - this time we need to watch- all hopes on Cauvery glory. It may be possible due to loss of giant trees over KAR/KER to some extent apart from change in climate/weather pattern.

Unknown said...

OK..thankyou... Rajesh sir... Keep mentioning my place in your forecasts in future.

Rawat said...

Sir,has monsoon reached West Rajasthan before UP? Meanwhile Delhi palam 41℃ with very high humidity.

sset said...

Torrential non stop rains entire night over navi mumbai

Vijayanand said...

SATISH SHETTY [SSET]: YOUR VIEWS on the deforestation in Lavasa project. Hope you are aware that vidarba farmers face acute water scarcity.

sset said...

As per IMD low pressure formation over south GUJ - north AS -> implies more pounding rains for entire MAHA and South GUJ ????? + west coast trough + Bay low.

It is unusual 2016 june was bit sluggish but 2017 june is roaring for MAHA! Mahabaleshwar also seems to have woken up early for daily 3 digit figures in stiff competition with classical Harnai (naughty place with annual mean of 2000mm has last year received 7000mm).

Deepak said...

Sir what will be forecaste for Thursday and for weekend

sset said...

When will we get respite from non-stop Navi Mumbai side in pounding - vagaries forecast for heavy rains over Panvel is less....

sset said...

This looks to me similar to 2015 june low pressure on both sides AS/Bay gave extreme rains to MAHA and GUJ in june itself. Many places in GUJ received annual rain quota in single day itself!

Unknown said...

@sset : It is unfair that you staying in Navi Mumbai are taking all the rains meant for South India. Please stop this immediately and send the rains back there. Please do it right away.


Sunny said...


sset said...

No suresh I meant only good for all states. Few days back I had been to BANG - no rain only
30 mm since june all interiors are dry except few days of pre-monsoon showers. So contrasting between torrential Mumbai and places which are still wait for rains....Guess when u realize difference it impacts.

Vijayanand said...

Navi mumbai taken rain from south India, Cheerapunji , Amazon rain forest. Likely to become the wettest place in universe. lol.

Unknown said...

@sset Thanks for your return comment. My only point to you is that all of us want good rains across the country. I myself am from South and know the difficulties which people face there. But then to repeatedly keep comparing rains in West versus south is irritating. And then when you make comments like Mumbai bloggers must visit South to understand the difficulty is even more irritating. Do you visit Vidharba yourself to understand the water scarcity ? Not possible, right ? I live in Mumbai, enjoy the monsoon here to the fullest extent but at the same time do not blame it for water scarcity across so many parts of India. My sympathy lies with them and am sure many other bloggers here share this unlike what you think. So please refrain from repeated references to South again and again. There are other forums available to do so in case you still insist. Remember Rajesh has rightly named this Vagaries of Weather. Try to enjoy it.


Aks said...

Dear Sset, we can just hope for widespread and torrential rains across country. Ofcourse after whatsoever predictions, the matter is finally upto Rain Gods. Every year in the country we desire more rains than average so that we can sustain this huge population and economy. Hope this desire gets fulfilled every single time. Also, to add hope 2017 monsoon only takes cue for the month of June from 2015 monsoon and not the remaining three months. Coz in 2015 remaining three months were way below average. The buck should stop in June itself and for the country overall we get bountiful rains in the next 3 months.

Saurabh said...

We have had this discussion many times before before. Let me try once more. I hope you share your opinion.

You cannot compare the climate(monsoon) of west coast to the climate of interior peninsula.
If you want to compare then compare Mumbai and Mangalore, Interior Maharashtra and Interior Karnataka. Comparing Konkan and Interior Karnataka serves no purpose.

Here are the rainfall figures from the west coast for the last 30 days.
Trivandrum 36 cm
Calicut 65 cm
Mangalore 90 cm
Goa 79 cm
Mumbai 42 cm

I do not see any thing surprising here. Mangalore(Karnataka) is twice Mumbai(Maharashtra)

Refer to to see the rainfall figures.

Sunny said...

Tommorow again if it rains heavy in mumbai
SSET comments will come up....

1. Non-stop torrential rains .
2.roaring warerfalls
3.lush green hills ...etc ..sometimes i keep thinking if u had to live in cherapunji ...i swear God knows what type of comments we would have read in this blog...

Haaaaaaaaa....enjoying the commic character from vagaries of weather ...

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