Monday, August 29, 2016

Posted Monday Night:

1. BB-10 has crossed the Coastline along North A.P. and is located as a weak Low around North AP/ Telengana region.System is creating several pockets of Thunder showers in Telengana and Interior Mah regions.
Some heavy rainfall amounts in cms from Telengana:MIRYALAGUDA 11,JULAPALLE 6, BAYYARAM 5,SIRSILLA 5,KOTGIRI 5,KOTHAGUDEM 5,DHARMASAGAR 5..
In TN, Thanjavur recorded 9 cms.
BB-10 expected to persist weakly over Telengana/ Marathwada for next 24 hrs.

2. A UAC inter-acting with the Monsoon axis has brought heavy rains to Delhi NCR/ West U.P.and North/West Rajasthan region on Monday> Ridge measured 32 mms, Lodhi Road recorded 21 mms, S'Jung 22 mms( 8.30 pm ) and Palam 8 mms till Monday evening 5.30 pm. Meerut saw 29 mms on Monday daytime.

Till Monday morning, in Western Rajasthan, rainfall was heavy: In cms:DUNGARGARH 9, SANGARIA SR 8, NOKHA 8, CHURU 6 (and another 3 on Monday)

3. A weak trough runs Southwards from Jharkhand towards the BB-10.
Kolkata had heavy rains on Monday, with Alipore recording 79 mms till 8.30 pm IST.

Areas of Local thunder showers "popping up" in North Raj, Delhi NCR, M.P, Vidharbh, Marathwada and some parts of Gujarat and Saurashtra probable on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mumbai will get cloudy weather with occasional showers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Average around 20-25 mms on Tuesday and decrease on Wednesday.
Delhi NCR will see showers on Tuesday (around 20-25 mms).


Rajesh said...

Salim Ramani: No, this Typhoon Lionrock has not directly disturbed Monsoon.
As per IMD criteria South West Monsoon initial withdhrawal norms are:i)Cessation of rainfall activity over the area for continuous 5 days.
ii) Establishment of anticyclone in the lower troposphere (850 hPa
and below)
iii) Considerable reduction in moisture content as inferred from
satellite water vapour imageries and tephigrams.

Anoop: Delhi NCR received some showers on Monday. I have put up my views for next 2 days. But, there are some rains possible in Delhi region ahead.
Neeraj: Good to hear from you. As per axis movement indications, rains possible in East Nepal regins soon this week.

Unknown said...

Dungargarh is dry place near bikaner.good to hear about heavy showers here .my native place.
Average rainfall near to 250mm.dry city.but if rainfall happen then it is very heavy

NilaY Wankawala said...

Credit : Australian Government, Bureau of meterology

Latest ENSO Wrap-Up issued 30 August 2016

The latest ENSO Wrap-Up and Climate Model Summary are now available on the Bureau's website.

Negative Indian Ocean Dipole influencing Australia’s climate, while Pacific remains ENSO-neutral

In the tropical Pacific Ocean, the El Niño—Southern Oscillation (ENSO) remains neutral, but a late and weak La Niña remains possible. In the Indian Ocean, a negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) continues, but has weakened from record July index values.

International climate models surveyed by the Bureau suggest the negative IOD will weaken during the southern hemisphere spring, and is likely to end in November. This means its influence on Australia’s spring rainfall may not be as strong as it has been during this winter, when wetter conditions prevailed in the east.

In the tropical Pacific Ocean, sea surface temperatures are cooler than average, though remain well short of La Niña levels. In the atmosphere, there has been little change in trade winds or cloudiness, indicating little or no coupling between the atmosphere and ocean. As a result, cool sub-surface temperatures have eased slowly towards normal. International climate models suggest neutral to weak La Niña levels for the remainder of the year. A La Niña WATCH remains in place.

During La Niña, northern and eastern Australia typically experience above average spring rainfall, with the first rains of the wet season typically arriving earlier than normal in northern Australia. Some La Niña-like effects can still occur even if thresholds are not exceeded.

Next update expected on 13 September 2016

Rajesh said...

Please always mention your name and place whilst writing comments. It helps in closer understanding and easier to correspond. I have mentioned it before and request please give name with comment . Thanks

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