Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mumbai Lakes supplying Water have 110 Mcum of Storage in all Lakes Combined as on 30th June 2016. That is, supply with 20% current cut, City has 38 days of Water....
We have more Details with Lakes' rainfall and All Maharashtra Reservoirs Position on Mumbai Page .Compiled by Vagarian Abhijit.

-Monsoon Analyses as Usual by Vagarian GSB will be up tonite

-Our Regular 15 All India Toppers ( June) will be put up by Pradeep John on 1st July.

June Totals:
Saurashtra June Rains from vagarian Gaurav Raninga ( Junagadh)

Agumbe Figures from Vagarian Naveen Reddy (Bangalore) and Mumbai Compilation from Vagarian Tejas (Mumbai)


Vijith Menon said...

Rajesh Sir -Under the influence of the upper air cyclonic circulation, a low pressure area has formed over west central and adjoining northwest Bay of Bengal & north Andhra Pradesh­south Odisha coast. The associated upper air cyclonic circulation extends upto mid­tropospheric levels.

This is the update from IMD on a low in BOB.

Your thoughts as to how this will behave in the next few days?.

Will it increase rains in the ghat areas of MH?.

Unknown said...

1.Any data on Hulikal & Talacauvery for the same period?
2.Can you briefly explain what factors will usher in an above normal monsoon rain this year.


SVT said...

1-2 models showing very heavy rains for Mumbai next 24 hours.

Sarvesh said...

Raining heavily in Thane, is it a wet night today? Shahapur a poor 185 in June
I see u guys meet periodically, if a person with zero knowledge wants to understand & join ur grp what shd he do?

Rajesh said...

sarvesh: Not all are well versed in weather. You are welcome to attend the next meet. Will inform on blog.

Vijith: WIll inform if BB-3 forms. I do not see much from it if it forms.

Royath: Wait for Pradeep's toppers tomorrow ( Friday).

svt: Keep watching "Flash Snippet" on blog

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