Thursday, May 21, 2015

 Posted Friday Morning:
Minimum Temperatures rose in Mumbai , and are nearing the rare 30c mark...Friday morning saw a low of 29.6c in Colaba and 28.7c in Santa Cruz. The highest ever minimum (As per Vagaries records, though officially no records kept by IMD) was 30.1c at Colaba on 9th May 1991, and 30.2c at Sanatacruz on 10th June 2014 (

Atul informs us from Goa: "
May 22, 2015 - Panaji Goa records 28.7C minimum temperature (2C above normal), which is a recent record for many months. In 2014 the highest minimum recorded in May was 27.9C.

As mentioned,Heat Wave spreads to Telengana, with Hyderabad recording a high of 44.3c...Just a whisker away from the all time May record of 44.5c recorded on 12th May 2010. Highest for any month is 45.5c recorded on 2nd June 1966.

Hotspot Ramagundam saw a sizzling high of 46.8c on Thursday 21st, again, missing the all time high record ( For any month) of 47.3c recorded on 24th May 1984.

Posted 21st May Thursday:
Larkana in Pakistan touches Max of 49.5c and minimum of 30.5c !! 

Moenjo daro saw 48c and Nawabshah 47.5c...the Hottest places !
On 19th May, Sibbi recorded a minimum of 34.5c..the highest minimum this year.
Heat continues in Vidharbh with Wardha again touching 47.5c. Nagpur was 47.0c.Chandrapur 46.2c. 
In MP, Khajuraho saw 45.4c.

Posted on Wednesday 20th May:
As mentioned yesterday, heat Wave prevailed in Vidharbha, with the highest temperature in India on Wednesday 20th May, being 47.4c at Chandrapur (Vidarbha). Wardha was 47.2c and nagpur 47.0c
Now, 21st and 22nd , Heat Wave is likely to spread to Telangana, and will prevail in Vidharbha and West MP.
Hottest in Pakistan on Wednesday 20th: Dadu, Turbat, Sibbi 47°C.

Mumbai estimate till Sunday 24th: Partly cloudy,Hot and sultry. Days in Mumbai will be around 35c, with humid conditions making the real feel temperatures around 41c in the afternoon ! 
A light drizzle in the weekend may add to sultry conditions..Nights will be very warm at 29c, maybe touching the rare 30c mark this weekend.
Hot and humid for Outer Townships also, no major change.

Goa will be sultry and partly cloudy. Light drizzles may occur during the weekend, bringing more humid conditions.osted on Wednesday 21st May..


Rajesh said...
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Rajesh said...

Nilesh Ladhad: I have given an estimate of Monsoon advancing to Kerala on 3rd your region will be after Mumbai, that is around 15th June, or later. But can expect humid weather and light pre monsoon showers after 7th June..

Anoop: Curently heat is in West MP, Vidharbh and Telengana regions. But, as mentioned, i expect heat in NW India after 1st week of June.In June , after 7th, temps can touch 48c in Rajasthan.

Moshin: As explained, the Monsoon current will advance into Kerala around 3rd June...Situation will start with strong NW winds changing to SW in Kerala after 1st June...and then the gradient increases .

Dattaraj said...

Many places in Telangana and AP witnessed severe heatwave today. Hyderabad was at 44.3. Just 0.2 below all time high of 44.5

Nilesh Ladhad said...

My friend told me that Sambalpur touch 48c today

sset said...

Last 3 years monsoon failed AP - this year if it fails Rayalseema will be in deep trouble, Telangana/north AP may get mercy rains due to serial lows over Orissa during SWM....

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