Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Vagaries' maintains its earlier view, that Monsoon will move into Kerala on 4th/5th June..and progress North towards Coastal Karntaka around 6th June....

It seems Colaba not going below 30c as minimum on Sunday morning.....very stuffy and hot night....

Sunday 31st/Monday 1st/Tuesday 2nd: Partly Cloudy, with Hot humid day. Night will be stuffy and warm. Possibly touching an all time record for Colaba ..crossing 30.1c (the current record).

Wednesday 3rd: Cloudy, with thundery developments in the Eastern sky by late afternoon.

Thundery developments over the eastern outer townships, with likely light rains.

Pune..will be warm at 38c till Wednesday, 3rd June. Thunder showers likely from 4th June, mostly post noon. Cooler days from 5th June.

Goa: Normal stuffy and cloudy weather. Sudden increase in rainfall from 5th June, with thunder showers lashing Goa on 5th and 6th June (10-15 mms/day) the Monsoon progresses, we see increasing rains.

Bangalore: Heavy thunder shower ( 15-20 mms) likely on Sunday evening...Monday too sees a thunder shower ( 10-12 mms) by evening...A good accumulation of 75 mms by 7th June.

Northern Pakistan Punjab, North Indian Plains likely to see cooling down and days getting better at around 40c. As announced earlier, Western Disturbance M-5 will be covering North Pakistan and NW India and Northern Hill States from 31st May, and strengthening over the entire region on June 1st.

Rains will cover Southwards upto Central and Upper Sindh, adjoining Rajasthan and parts of MP. on 2nd/3rd June.

New Delhi will see some cooling down showers on 1st and 2nd June. Temperatures after 1 st June will be around 40c...Thunder Squalls likely.

Islamabad and Gujrat (Pakistan) will see light to medium rains on 31st May and 1st June....with the day temperatures going below 38c .

UAC has formed in the Southern Bay..East of TN coast...rains likely in TN on Sunday 31st...UAC likely to move Northwards along the Coast to Coastal AP. Coastal AP will get major relief from heat from Monday 1st as rains will cool down the region.

Nagpur Sizzled at 47.1c on Saturday 30th May...

Wettest Day of year in Dooars, West Bengal and Sikkim Rainfall ending 8.30 am on 01.06.2015

A trough on sea level chart extends from the east Uttar Pradesh to NMMT across Bihar, central parts of West Bengal and Bihar. Sankalan after getting 142 mm yesterday records 190 mm.               

in mm (min 70 mm)

West Bengal

CoochBehar - 181
Barobhisha - 176
Falakata ­ 140
Chepan ­ 127
Alipurduar ­ 126
Kumargram ­ 80
Rongo - 74
Mathabhanga ­ 74


Sankalan - 190
Mangan - 190
Chungthang - 87

Vaikom gets cloudburst and Kerala continues to get pre-monsoon rains, ending 8.30 am on 01.06.2015

The upper air cyclonic circulation over southwest Bay of Bengal off north Tamilnadu coast now lies over west central and adjoining southwest Bay of Bengal off south Andhra Pradesh coast between 2.1 km to 3.6 km above mean sea level.

in mm (min 10 mm)

Vaikom - 190
Kozha - 42
Kochi AP - 39
Piravom - 36
Kottayam - 31
Ernakulam South - 29 
Kodungallur - 25
Kollengode - 24
Thiruvananthapuram Airport - 19 
Nedumangad - 18
Thiruvananthapuram City - 15 
Hosdurg - 14 
Haripad - 13
Mannarkad - 12
Cherthala - 12 
Mavelikkara - 10
Kumarakom - 10
Taliparamba - 10
CIAL Kochi - 10
Enamackel - 10
Punalur - 10

UAC gives much needed break from heat in Andhra Pradesh, Rainfall ending 8.30 am on 01.06.2015

The upper air cyclonic circulation over southwest Bay of Bengal off north Tamilnadu coast now lies over west central and adjoining southwest Bay of Bengal off south Andhra Pradesh coast between 2.1 km to 3.6 km above mean sea level.

in mm (min 30 mm)

Kolukula - 75
Settur - 62
Kunurpi - 60
Kondakamarla - 56
Brahmasamudram - 50
Talupula - 49
Raptadu - 48
Morubagal - 44
Nagireddipally - 44
Gadela - 43
Nallamada - 43
Tirupathi - 43
Marur - 39
Gudur - 39
Amadagur - 39
Anantpur - 38
Jammalamadugu - 37
Nuthimadugu - 37
Obuladevaracheruvu - 37
Halvi - 36
Gooty - 36
Chandragiri - 36
Bathapelle - 34
Thimmapur - 33
Ganekal - 32
Venkatagiri Kota - 32
Kambadur - 32
Pulagampalle - 32
Sidhout - 31
Kalyandurg - 31
Gundlakunta - 31
Pullampeta - 30
Kadiri - 30
Pennu Konda - 30
Battuvanipalli - 30
Gajulavaripalli - 30
Korlakunta - 30
Dharmavaram - 30

Cherrapunji and Assam heavy rain continues, Meghalaya and Assam Rainfall ending 8.30 am on 31.05.2015

The upper air cyclonic circulation over Chattisgarh and adjoining Odisha now extends up to 1.5 km above sea level


in mm (min 15 mm)

Cherrapunji RKM - 130
Cherrapunji - 121
Mawkyrwat - 89
Tikrikilla - 60
Shella - 50
Jowai - 44
Williamnagar - 22
Nongostion - 22
Shillong - 19
Baghmara - 15


in mm (min 30 mm)

Nalbari - 140
Pagladiya - 138
Dhubdhara - 115
Goalpara C - 96
Rangia - 87
Beki Road Bridge - 79
Puthimari - 78
Aie NH Xing - 76
Kokrajar - 75
Goalpara - 71
Bahalpur - 67
Manas - 65
Gossaigaon - 64
Mushalpur - 61
Barpeta - 59
Karimganj - 51
Lumding - 49
North Lakhimpur - 48
Dehmaji - 40
Panbari - 39
Mazbat - 35
Dharamtul - 34
Chouldhowaghat - 34
Badarpurghat - 31
Maranhat - 30
Haflong - 30

Dooars Rains continue to get heavier, West Bengal Rainfall ending 8.30 am on 31.05.2015

The upper air cyclonic circulation over Chattisgarh and adjoining Odisha now extends up to 1.5 km above sea level

in mm (min 10 mm)

Sankalan ­ 142
Rongo ­ 115
Barobhisha ­ 90
Chepan - 79
Domohani -47
Falakata - 40
Alipurduar ­ 40
Mahua - 32
Buxaduar - 30
Jalpaiguri - 30
Hasimara - 26
NH 31 - 24
Sonamukhi - 22
Diana ­ 21
Darjeeling - 17
Cooch Behar - 16
Nagrakata - 14
Murti - 13
Mathbanga - 11
Champasari - 10
Panagarh - 10


Anonymous said...

sir any info abt rain in vizag and bhubaneswar?

R Srividhya said...

what abou hyderabad???you simply do not have any interest in forecasting weather for hydearabad!!!

Narayanan chennai said...

hi Rajesh Sir great to know monsoon is arriving soon for west coast. UAC of east coast will it give quantam of rain to chennai or will be more for coastal ap only.

SVT said...

Hi! Rajesh Sir! Some forecast sites showing possibility of strong low pressure/Depression in Arabian sea by next weekend. You see this low being formed? If so will it move west wards and affect Onset of Monsoon over Mumbai?

Mohsin mulla said...

Rajesh sir some module sites showing depression in arabian sea by next weekend formed and travelled towards oman or yemen.if it happend then monsoon in mumbai is further delayed or sluggish.ur view on that.

Rajesh said...

Roshan tripathy:Bhubaneshwar will possibly see thundery developments on Monday evening and some medium showers in patches. Vicinity around city may also get some rains.
Tuesday and Wednesday will be dry and warm with days around 37/38c.
Vizag will also see some patchy showers later in the day on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday will see cloudy weather.South winds dominating.

R Srividhya ; I dont really see much of a feed back from Hyderabad..will surely mention any specific event if coming or on special request.
Hyderabad will be hot at 40c, maybe the stray evening shower on Tuesday or Wednesday, which may not be heavy.

Narayanan KY: Not much for Chennai...slight rains on Monday in patches. UAC actually fizzles out by Wednesday.

Unknown said...

Sir will the starting monsoon in mumbai will be normal or below normal

Viravanalluran said...

During dekad 15 of 2015, the southern high pressure systems are expected to intensify significantly, while their counterparts to the north are expected to relax. Thus the ITCZ is expected to continue moving northwards from its current position. This movement will influence weather over unimodal and bimodal areas of the country, especially over Western, South-western highlands, Southern, Southern coast and central regions where seasonal rains has ended, while in the northern coast, north-eastern highland and Lake Victoria basin of the country seasonal rains are expected to recede. Warm SSTs are expected to be observed over Atlantic Ocean closer to Angola coast. Neutral to slightly warm sea surface temperatures are expected to be observed East Africa coast while warm SSTs are expected over the Somali coast in the West Indian Ocean and in the Central Indian Ocean. Low level wind speed is likely to start rising over some parts of the country and are expected to be characterized by southerly winds over the eastern sector of the country turning to south-easterly over remaining parts of the country
Courtesy: Tanzania Meteorological Agency.
(This tele connection will have an effect over the onset of SWM in Indian west coast.)

Rajesh said...

Moshin and SVT: Will give my views tonite in Monsoon Watch

Thanks for the Information Viravanalluran

Narayanan chennai said...

Thanks For your reponse rajesh Sir. Hope SWM tides over el nino scare and brings bountiful rain to india

Nagpur Downpour.... Cloudburst on 23rd between 2.30 am -3.30 am...98.5 mms a t city AWS Railway station 24 hr Rainfall till 8.30am of 23-9-2...