Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mumbai Santa Cruz records 40.8c on Wednesday, 25th March 2015. Not the hottest ever for March though, the Hottest March was on 28th in 1956, when the Suburbs saw 41.7c.

The highest ever for Santacruz was 42.2c in April 1952 (See Records for Colaba and other records here) .

Abhijit sends this:
Some max temp below from the region for today dated 25-03-2015 :
Thane IMD AWS 42.8°C so had 2nd consecutive day with 40+ temp !!
Palghar 42.5°C
Karjat 42.4°C so had 5th consecutive day with 40+ temp !!
Thane(अमेय स्वार measured) 41.9°C
Badlapur 41.8°C so had 2nd consecutive day with 40+ temp !!
Kanjurmarg(Mumbai) 41.5°C
BKC(Mumbai) 41.3°C
Santacruz IMD official (Mumbai) 40.8°C
Borivali(Mumbai) 40.0°C
Mahape(Navi Mumbai) 39.7°C
Vagaries(Mumbai) 38.0°C
Murud 37.9°C

Updates on Weather and Details wil be published on Thursday..Author was away.
With vagarian Atul Naik at IMD Panaji...


Abhijit Modak said...

Mumbai is Hottest(with humid) in India at 11.30pm temp readings !! As no other city is on 30c at 11.30pm.. Mumbai(Scruz) temp is 30.4c with 70% humidity at 11.30pm so real feel is of 36c !!

sset said...

It is very common for Mumbai to experience high temperature in last week of March. This trend is continuing since last few decades. Unique fact is as peak summer approaches in april-may temperature decreases sharply unlike other states temperature increases sharply.

Rawat said...

Record rain in sahara, some places got more than annual average in few days

Abhijit Modak said...

Heat wave abates from North Konkan !! Some relief from dry & hot winds but it has turn humid, muggy & sultry conditions which is normal pattern summer..

Some max temp below from the region for today dated 26-03-2015 :

Karjat 38.2°C
Badlapur 37.8°C
Thane 36.0°C
Palghar & Dahanu 35.8°C
Santacruz IMD official (Mumbai) 34.3°C
Mahape(Navi Mumbai) 34.0°C
Kanjurmarg(Mumbai) 33.8°C
Alibag 33.2°C
Colaba IMD official(Mumbai) 32.8°C
Murud 32.4°C

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