Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Sorry...Cannot Upload Blog due to Slow Connectivity Problems...Will Update on Friday Morning.

Thursday: Day will be warm at 34c (Santacruz) and 32c at Colaba. East winds in Morning. Evening gets better with West winds. Some clouds appear by evening. Some clouds appearing in Eastern Townships. Overnight temperature will be 18c at Santa Cruz and 20c at Colaba (Friday Morning).
Friday: Partly cloudy with NW winds, bringing the day temperatures down by 2/3c.

Pune will be at 30/31c on Thursday. 
Cloudy on Friday, with days getting a bit cooler. Friday morning minimum will be around 12/13c. 

Western Disturbance F-2 approaching Pakistan on 6th...Rain in Islamabad this weekend.
F-2 over North India on 7th...Fog in Delhi Friday 5th, and rain by Sunday...Detailed Weekend weather on blog will be posted late Thursday Night....(City weather on request for weekend)


Abhijit Modak said...

West coast sizzles in the heat !! Also some other parts of country temp is included which is above 33c.. Some max temp below for today(04-02-2015):

Karwar 36.6 °C(max of yesterday but today also may be in similar range)
Kozhikode 36.2 °C
Honavar 36.1 °C
Ratnagiri 36.0 °C
Thiruvananthapuram 35.5 °C
Mangalore AP 35.3 °C
Panjim 35.2 °C
Palayankottai 34.5 °C
Cochin 34.2 °C
Nizamabad 34.1 °C
Mumbai Scruz 34.0 °C
Solapur 34.0 °C
Alapuzha 33.9 °C
Bankura 33.4 °C
Pbo Raipur 33.4 °C
Kurnool 33.3 °C
Surat 33.0 °C

Abhijit Modak said...
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Abhijit Modak said...

West coast continues to sizzle !! Some max temp below for today(05-02-2015):

Karwar 36.8 °C(Max temp of yesterday but today also likely to be similar)
Kozhikode 36.2 °C
Honavar 36.0 °C
Mangalore AP 35.4 °C
Mumbai S'cruz 35.3 °C
Panji, Goa 34.8 °C
Thiruvananthapuram 34.8 °C
Ratnagiri 34.6 °C
Amini Divi 33.1 °C

sset said...

Same pattern like 2014. South west India (especially kerala gets hotter) during jan-feb, feb itself summer starts in Bangalore - interior KAR (last year temperatures touched near 39c), march-apr-may AP takes over with furnace like temperatures 49-50c. This year AP will face intense scorching summer dues to 2014 drought - monsoon failures - Rayalseema/north TN - terrible water shortage.

Ron said...

was a lot better today..max temp must have fallen today.

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